Welcome Newbies & New Posters ! How has this Board Assisted You ?

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    I don't come here as much anymore. When I do, it's just to see how you all are.....I've grown very fond of most of you!

    And I come here to welcome newbies and (hopefully) support those leaving.

    My recovery went very fast and I have a wonderful, happy life since leaving - but I know it's because of this site and ones like Mr. and Mrs. Flipper that I have come this far.


    This thread is good because it includes a very important post by "mentallyfree31" on page 1.


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    Welcome Princess Cynic ! your post is not showing, perhaps another browser like Google Chrome may help.

  • PrincessCynic

    Aaah thanks, i was getting paranoid thinking the holy spirit was blocking me .

    Just thought it was good thread to say Hi, I'm new. Have been lurking for a few months. You guys make me laugh.

  • ziddina

    Hi, Princess Cynic, and WELCOME to the board!!

  • flipper

    BALAAMSASS- It's nice to have you & your wife here on the board ! I'm glad it's helped you to get things off your chest. I think we have all come to appreciate that NONE of us ever would have been " good enough " for the GB and leaders of the WT society. The happifying part is all of us are actually BETTER , more loving human beings than THEY might ever be because we are real, using our real whole mind we were born with, they are mind controlled using a fake plastic mind . Your wife is very accurate in her description of Witnesses - I tend to think her therapist hits the nail on the head by calling them " barbaric ". I've used that same expression in threads describing the WT society and it's leaders. Actually I feel the rank & file Witnesses are just mind controlled and misled - but the leaders of the organization are " barbaric ". And the trait filters down into some of the more devout, fanatic members.

    N. DREW- sent back to ya sis !

    PALMTREE 67- Thanks for the kind words Palmie, my wife and I feel the same towards you. You've been a great encouragement to lots of people exiting the JW cult here as well ! I'm so glad your life has turned out happily for you and you have love in your life again . Freedom of mind is amazing, isn't it ?

    PRINCESS CYNIC- So nice to have you on the board ! Welcome to freedom of mind and expression. Look forward to getting to know you here ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • leavingwt

    Wow, lots of new folks!


  • flipper

    LEAVING WT- I agree ! Lots of new folks ! Welcome indeed ! Peaceout, Mr. Flipper

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was raised in family in since Russell. My father and uncles were Bethelites when the org. was small. I always grew up knowing about factions at Bethel and the dirty laundry. Still, they respected the purity of the religion. We could think Rutherford and Knorr were jerks but the doctrine was fine. My biggest problem was congitive dissonance. The lack of love and civility appalled me. I hated KH with a passion. The college prep courses I took convinced me the Witnesses lie about the Bible.

    During college, I just happened to take an academic New Testament course. It set me free completely. I still fear demons sometimes. It is irrational. I have scars.

    I found this forum by accident. It was noted on a long discussion page on wikipedia. I always felt perhaps there was something uniquely wrong with me that I had no belief. My experience of the Society was very different from the rank and file at the KH. My family would call a Bethel leader at the drop of a hat or slight. There was a sense of privilege. My main objections were Biblical and doctrinal. I read Bible books voraciously. This site made me more aware of the cult like nature of the org. The borg. So aptly named. I found out I was not alone. When I was young, dissidents were viewed as a rare breed. The wonder of the Internet showed me that vast oceans of dissidents thrive. Regardless of their doctrine, I object to the process. Absolute power always corrupts absolutely. There is not a shred of proof for their authority.

    Another benefit was realizing that others are enraged, too. People are passionate, not lukewarm.

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