Welcome Newbies & New Posters ! How has this Board Assisted You ?

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  • Giordano

    Welcome to the forum Sauerkraut!

  • flipper

    SAUERKRAUT - Nice to have you here Sauerkraut ! Like yourself I had nagging doubts for years before I exited almost 9 years ago. It's like a cancer that grows inside our minds until the day comes that we reach our breaking point and have to cut the cancer out and free our minds from mind controlling meetings. I finally did and I've been much happier ever since ! That's great that you keep researching and informing yourself, keep it up ! I suggest reading two great books which really helped me after exiting, " Combatting Cult Mind Control " & " Releasing the Bonds- Empowering People to Think for Themselves " - both books by Steve Hassan. These books helped me to understand HOW I was able to be mind controlled by the WT society all those years. Take care, remember we're here for you my friend.

    GIORDANO- Indeed welcome ! We are getting a lot more newbies here , it's exciting ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • blindnomore

    Welcome, SauerKraut!

    I believe we've ran into each other from the other thread. I apologize you for failing to greet you appropriately. We are so glad to have you here. It's been 4 months since I joined the forum. I was awakening big time but my husband was in deep sleeping at the time. I was like you, upfront with my husband what I was doing but was told not to bother him with any of my findings. We were at one point at the verge of seperation over Ray Franz' 'Crisis of Conscience.'

    Happily, with help of all the invaluble information from this forum, my husband is cult free today. I've been witnessing him like a special pioneer but descreetly. I wish you succesful exiting and succeding in helping your mother learn the truth about the truth. (English is my secound language, btw. The reason for my poor grammer & spelling)

  • flipper

    Noticed this thread had been bumped up.

    BLINDNOMORE- I'm glad to hear this forum has helped you and your husband. You are good people and we are glad you are here ! My wife and I are privileged to have gotten to know you

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this up for anybody who wanted to share how this board has helped them . Feel free to share ! Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    This thread hasn't been bumped up for newer members in awhile- thought it might be good to get it bumped up

  • kairos

    I have found the topics discussed to be very helpful in solidifying that my decision to leave was the correct one.

  • flipper

    KAIROS- I'm really glad the board and the different topics have helped solidify your decision to leave the JW cult. Glad to have you here

  • NoMoreHustle

    I can now at least express my thoughts & annoyances here. I am still in trying to fade & help family members to get out. I can't really speak to any of the few friends in hall that I have about anything. Spouse doesn't want to hear any negativity from me about the hall. Spouse buries head in sand.

    It sucks the situation i'm in but I am a strong person & will just deal with it.

  • flipper

    NOMOREHUSTLE- Hang in there my friend. We are here as a support and strength for you in what you're dealing with. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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