What really ended the book study in private homes?

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  • Snoozy

    I didn't enjoy having the study at our house because people came with their sick kids and we would all get sick..also they would want to stay and chat and I had 3 kids to get to bed so they could get some sleep before waking up at 6 am. Hubby had to get up at 4 and that meant he could maybe get right to bed after they usually left..9 pm..and maybe get 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Not to mention making sure the 3 little ones didn't make a mess of the house and getting dinner for all and cleaning up and setting up the chairs..

    Then we also had the Ministry school and the Sunday meeting and field service and book studies..it was too much..way too much. But good for the WTBTS as they wanted to keep their followers close so they could control them..

    I studied for the meeting but rarely felt "spiritually " uplifted after the study.

    As far as the money goes..it didn't cost them a penny to have book studies in peoples houses..it actually saved them money..

    As far as suing goes I would think any injuries would fall on the homeowner..

    Snoozy..soooooooo glad to be out of it all..funny how you see it all so clearly after you get out of it!!!

  • AvocadoJake

    To those who say "The Book Study was a place to get to know each other, share in ideas, not be timed thirty seconds per comment." With the new arrangement the Book Study conductor has got your back! He knows if you missed one meeting and will call to check in on you! He is aware of your concerns, pains and personal struggles with life. The free night is a blessing, elders are out in full swing on Shepherd The Flock Night! The free night has allowed the pioneers to check in, cook for the elderly and infirm and bless the orphans. The father-less sons and daughters are ebuliant, they are not neglected, and oh the elders and servants, elderettes, minnie servant wives, they are Big brothers and Big Sisters to the youth! The ending of the Home Book Study was designed to draw the congregation closer and closer! Don't you feel close to all your brothers and sisters in your Hall? Next stop, let's have Kingdom Halls with Five Hundred publishers, this will make our family look large and more nurturing! Did Bethel dump the morning text reading and Bible discussion, in lieu of getting the brothers to work earlier? Meetings with brother Fleming where the highlight of the week, a wonderful gem of a scholar, I loved Book Study!

  • 3rdgen

    Dropoffyourkeylee (btw, love the name) mentioned he heard the society hired educational consultants. If that's true they should DEMAND their money back. When was the last time anybody learned anything fom the WTS????????

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