What really ended the book study in private homes?

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  • Alfred

    It's been over 3 years since the book study in private homes was discontinued and some JWs are still scratching their heads over it. Although a letter was read to all congregations explaining that "book study night" would now be "family worship night", there was still much speculation among JWs as to the real reason behind this decision (the great tribulation was about to start, jehovah was simplifying the lives of JWs, to lessen the burden of poor JWs who had no money for gas, etc.)... But as we all know, decisions like these from the GB invariably have some ulterior motive behind it... and discussion boards such as this one usually finds a way to dig up the truth for all to see... but after reading several threads on this subject, I'm really not sure we've uncovered all the facts yet...

    So I have to ask... What do you believe really ended the book study in private homes? (please select one)

    • a) The WT was afraid that more apostates were stirring up doubts during book study "after-parties"
    • b) Some municipalities were starting to require "Special Use" permits for homes being used as houses of worship (hence the end of the Daily Text reading before field circus)
    • c) To avoid possible injury litigation and insurance liability if a JW or "interested one" slips and falls in the private home used for worship
    • d) All of the above
    • e) None of the above (please explain)

    I'm very interested in knowing what you believe to be the real reason behind this decsion...



  • leavingwt

    Follow the $$$.


  • designs


    Although I was guilty of .a) kept asking to many questions and correcting all the mistakes in the Revelation Grand Climax Book.

  • fokyc
  • Bella15

    Sexual abuse ...????

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    Obviously, people were asking questions and sharing information they found on the Internet and elswhere and subverting the organization from the secrecy of their own homes. Too easy to verify with the Internet right there in the kids' room. Control the mind, control the people. They don't want anyone to really know that Jerusalem wasn't destroyed in 607, that Jesus didn't return in 1914, or that 144,000 will not actually rule mere humans on earth, or that all Christians are parties to the New Covenant, or that all men are not acquitted of their sins at death, or that they have mislead the public and themselves about what the Trinity doctrine actually teaches and that it is reasonable to believe in it, or all the false prophecies, or the sexual abuse, or those terrible things Russell believed and taught, or ... and ... the .... and ... and ... the, man, ... the list is endless. They don't want their wards reading this:


    or this:


    They don't want the ones who know influencing the ones who don't. Like the Jonestown crowd in South America, they want to isolate, isolate, isolate.

  • Alfred

    fokyc... I've read that thread... a very good one!... not sure it covered all the reasons though...

    btw... thanks again for your computer help a couple of weeks ago... very much appreciated...

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I don't know why all of you have to always assume the negative when it comes to the direction given by the WT. The reality is that, the Book Study at its former setting wasn't effective in strengthening Christian families which is the nucleus of a stable Christian Congregation. The GB through Christ's direction, saw fit to eliminate the Book Study as it was then held, and implement it within the same night that the Service Meeting and Theocratic Ministry School was held. That way there was an opening for the Family Worship Night arrangement without it becoming too burdensome upon the sheep. Jehovah's chariot has changed direction yet again, and instead of questioning with whys and how, we need to see how we can be sheeplike and humblely go along with whatever arrangement the Slave Class sees fit as its for our benefit, spiritually. They're watching over us and we don't need for them to sigh over our petty questionings because them grieving would not be to our benefit.

  • designs

    jonathan- one cult replacing another isn't helping our jw friends.

  • flipper

    ALFRED- I tend to go along with your letter " A " scenario. I've mentioned it in other threads a couple years ago that the WT society wants to limit access to ANY negative information concerning their skeletons in the closet or failed teachings and scandals. By eliminating the Book Study it caused Witnesses to ONLY meet in Kingdom Halls where the elders can control the environment more and prevent JW's from talking casually about what they've seen, heard, or read on the Internet. Whereas like you stated at private homes people could slip into a back room and LOOK at the Internet after meetings !

    The other effect cancelling " in home " book studies has is it makes people get less personal in their friendships with one another. Relationships stay more formal inside a public Kingdom hall as it squelches the opportunity to REALLY get to know people so they can't talk openly. So I felt this was an ultimate " control " tactic the WT society used to create more distance between JW members all the while fomenting more paranoia and distrust among them ! All for the purpose of the WT society GAINING MORE CONTROL over members. Just my take

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