What really ended the book study in private homes?

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  • Pubsinger

    I'm not sure that I buy the 'liability' line.

    As usual JWs think that they are unique in everything they do but in reality they are not. Lots of churches have housegroups. And surprise, surprise, they think that they are very important because they are where friendships and relationships are made. Of course they aren't regulated like the JW version was and they are exactly the places where things are discussed properly and objections raised etc.

    But I have never heard of a church having any concerns about liability. Never. And these are churches who do carry out proper checks on their people and do adhere to health and safety regulations. But I've not heard of any worries about liability.

  • NewChapter

    LOL, George is funny.

    All of the reasons mentioned are believable, but I tend toward a. There has been an ongoing trend to discourage smaller groups from studying together outside the KH. For instance, they started to strongly discourage large groups studying the WT. Apparently some of those informal groups were getting pretty big, and for some reason, that alarmed them. Then there was the information on not forming groups to learn ancient languages and then independently (of the borg) translate the writings. Then suddenly, no BS. And THAT was the group where the tightest bonds were formed and where everyone was able to speak and question and share ideas. Usually only one elder was in attendance, and if he wasn't quick enough, or in agreement, then surely apsotate ideas could be slipped in. LOL

    I'm surprised what I'm reading about attendance. In my old hall, TMS was the most poorly attended. People just didn't like being out that late, especially if they had kids or had to work especially early. Ah well, just goes to show each area has it's own challenges. The fact is, we dressed much more casually for BS, still in skirts etc, but brothers didn't wear their jackets, and sisters didn't change out of sneakers if they didn't want to. Better yet, they just took off their shoes. It was an easy meeting for us to attend, and our closest friends were usually there.

    I don't think it was insurance issues. Homeowners would cover it and be no cost to the borg. They don't care about individual expense. Sexual molestation is another believable concern. It does seem like it would be more likely in a home, with a tighter group and more trust. Still, I think A. LOL I know of times when people would pop on the home computer to answer a peripheral question, and who knows WHAT could pop up at times like that?


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    Has it occurred to anyone (and perhaps it has already been mentioned), that maybe there is a mole on the inside who is responsible for some of the recent changes in the WTBTS?

    Johnny the Bethelite?

  • Sapphy

    It was the worst attended meeting of the lot. It was so easy to skip the hour & stay home. I think the attendance must have plummeted when the revelation book was studied for the 4th time. It was a drag for the Congregation Book Study Overseers to prepare for and take. More and more times at the group the working men would skip it & you'd have the elder taking it with Brother Can't Read Good ploding through the paragraphs as quickly as wading through concrete in iron boots, or a Sister would have to read (shock and shame).

    I think it just died through neglect - maybe the society thinks eliminating the group will allow them to reduce the number of new books they have to produce. And, speaking as someone who suffered through studying the interminable "Isaiah prophecy" books thank goodness! I hope they simplify themselves and their precious org out of existance!

  • strymeckirules

    during my "revisit" to the jws, i attended a bookstudy with a few older folks. one claimed she was once a school teacher. she then told me there were no meat eating dinosaurs. i respectfully didn't argue the fact of the pointed teeth etc, for she was sure of herself and at 80 years old, wow! get with the data lady. and you were a teacher?

    anyways, bookstudy was so AWKWARD! remember tight living rooms where it was set up that everyone faced the center so you kept making eye contact with everyone. or the low heat basements / high heat apartments study houses. or the dogs or the telephone or the doorbell.

    the bookstudy was entertainment.

    and if you liked to you could answer lots.

    and you could where a sweater instead of a suit jacket.

    remember filing in late and excusing yourself if it was the prayer when you walked in.

    and if you were a kid, sometimes the conductor would have kids and you could play in the bedrooms after.

    good times, but man i hated going.

  • apocalypse

    I would be really interested in hearing a recording of the GB meeting where it was decided. But alas...! None such exist.

    I could speculate though.

    I know of a case in Amherstburg Ontario where someone fell down the stairs at a book study. Or is that balk study...

    Anyway, it was a sh*t storm. Talk about causing division. The homeboy encouraged the visitor to sue him, otherwise, how do you get the insurance to pay out? So, visitor gets a lawyer. Lawyer sees dollar signs. The rest is history.

    But there's still a better reason. Resources....

    Dubs have a limited amount of loot, and guvernin' buddy-boy wants to get it all. When I was young, there used to be a contribution box at the book study home. And people put in loot. The conductor did the collectin'... Made out a reciept and took the loot. The loot went to the Society.

    I remember thinking (when I was young) , hey, that's great! Some money for the poor brother whose house were wrecking with our traffic.

    Ahhh to be young and green again. Well, we know where the loot went now don't we?

    In any case, the Watchtower Society was not getting any loot from the book study. The practice of collection at the book study kinda fell away. So, the book study was no longer profitable for GBoys. Only a drain on resources. All expenses, no revenue.

    I submit that the real reason the book study was ended, after all the years of talking about how damned allMighty important and "vital" it was, is simply that it was not generating revenue.

  • MrDarkKnight

    The bookstudy ended because publishers in the US whined about the price of gas. Folks in other countries have paid high gas prices for years. But when the folks in the US suffer, something HAS to be done. The bookstudy ended because folks in the US were not supporting it and never would.

    Everything in the organization is driven by what happens in the US. This is really and truly an American religion. To believe anything else is delusional and naive.


  • watson
    To believe anything else is delusional and naive.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Didn't read all the posts, but it seems to me it's obvious that it opened up all the existing Kingdom Halls for more congregations to use. If you have 2 weeknight meetings, it drastically limits how many congs can meet there. Cut the weeknight meeting in 1/2, and you double the availability through the week.

    Building KHs in getting very expensive, especially in metropolitan areas (where any growth is taking place). Money not spent on new KHs can be contributed to other things.

    Reducing the length of Sunday meetings serves the same purpose. If there are too many congs for Sunday meetings 9:30am; 12:30pm; 3:30pm; 6:30pm -- then you can always have the foriegn language group have their Pub Talk & WT on Saturday evening or simultaneously in a smaller meeting room/basement. Thus FIVE congs can easily use the same KH.



  • EmptyInside

    Well,I was happy to have one less meeting. This may be just a coincidence,but it seems that since the book study ended,congregations aren't as close anymore. And now,all the other meetings have poor attendance. I know it's more than one reason here.

    One local congregation here has about 100 publishers,only 30-50 go to the Thursday night meeting on a regular basis. The same with the hall I used to attend.

    As far as family night goes,how many actually do that. And if you're single,you're not encouraged to have worship night with other members of the congregation.

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