What really ended the book study in private homes?

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  • ziddina
    "I mean, what next, scrap field service?...." Mr. Monroe

    Oh, let us HOPE so - let us fervently hope so!!!

  • designs

    Was it the 4th or 5th trip through the Revelation Grand Climax that people started having blood vessels pop in their eyeballs

  • NoRegrets

    LOL designs!

    Remember how one of the last tours of the Harlot of Babylon's biography had a printed supplement of changes that had to be interjected in the older editions? In about 15 years, they had to already make alterations to the doctrines! That one really made me roll my eyes!!!!!

  • designs

    LOL NR- Cut and Paste was about the cheesiest way on earth to post New Light!

  • Jim_TX

    Has it occurred to anyone (and perhaps it has already been mentioned), that maybe there is a mole on the inside who is responsible for some of the recent changes in the WTBTS?

    Just a thought. Probably not, but it might explain some of the head-scratching changes that seem to occur.


    Jim TX

  • NoRegrets

    Designs: Cut and Paste New Light!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! That is really excellent!!! LOL literally!

  • Balaamsass

    "The other effect cancelling " in home " book studies has is it makes people get less personal in their friendships with one another. Relationships stay more formal inside a public Kingdom hall as it squelches the opportunity to REALLY get to know people so they can't talk openly." - I agree

    AAAHHHMAZING how the "lifesaving meeting" the Bookstudy, was just chopped by the WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY because of "high gas prices". Hummm. EXACTLY when HUGE settlements were being paid out to child molest victims. YES...$$ LIABILITY...but... Slips and falls are covered by homeowners and renters insurance policies. As an ex- Elder involved in looking into some molestation cases, the most egregious molestation cases I ever heard of were connected with the Book Study arrangement.

    Only at the the bookstudy could brother overseer say "Hi little Suzy, why don't you show me your pet hamster in your room while mommy warms up the cobbler". One local molester/servant who quietly went from one circuit to another, set up his own homes as a virtual "disneyland" for children. This "Wonderful" friendly brother who showed such "intrest in our young people" threw many childrens parties and regularly offered his home as a bookstudy location. He even used those close bookstudy relationships to encourage "camping trips". This guy was a regular self appointed Boyscout leader. Some Moms sung his praises. If mom was tired he offered to take the kids in field service and "ice cream afterwards. No less than a half dozen children have accused him of molesting in multiple locations. EVERY time rather than believe the kids and just call 911, the parents confronted the Perv, or called the elders. By the time police got involved evidence had been distroyed, the cases botched, and he would move and set up again in another locale.

    Same thing with another local Elder who molested for 20+ years. And one from Bethel in NYC.- The bookstudy provided the opportunity to get into a close relationship with kids. As servants, these guys arranged to be assigned to homes with potential victims.

  • ScenicViewer

    @ No Room For George who said,

    "I don't know why all of you have to always assume the negative when it comes to the direction given by the WT. The reality is that, the Book Study at its former setting wasn't effective in strengthening Christian families which is the nucleus of a stable Christian Congregation [...] That way there was an opening for the Family Worship Night arrangement without it becoming too burdensome upon the sheep."

    Do you believe every reason the Societ gives for making a change? For decades we were told that every family member should have his personal subscription the both magazines because it was important for his spirituality and development. What did the Society say when the subs were discontinued? That 'it's for your spiritual benefit, since it will give you one more good reason to get to meetings, to get your magazines'! Do you believe that one too?

    @ the OP.

    Maybe C (liability issues), although all the choices make some sense. The book study was in my home for many years, and that little contribution box never had any money in it. It was the least-donated-to meeting of the five. If there were any liability issues at all, the book study was losing money, and that alone would be reason enough to cut it from the program. Any business corporation would do that.

    "...real reason behind this decision (the great tribulation was about to start...etc.)"

    The reason the book study was started in the first place (small groups, meeting in private homes) was to prepare for the tribulation. The idea was that when the government moved against JWs, and closed KHs, there would still be a way of having organized meetings.

    It's amazing how all the Society's good reasons keep changing.

  • shepherd

    The group study was the least attended, and no matter how much the Org. pushed it, it remained so. I don't mean by 5% either - in some congregations the number attending was as low as 50%. Why? Well, there is not one answer to that. To some, the study books were too hard to understand (or too boring if you don't like prophesy badly interpreted). To others who rarely answer, if ever, at the KH it was very difficult to sit in a room with 15 people and stay in the background, so they just stopped coming - often when someone would remain silent the conductor would even ask them outright to read a scripture or something (this was not supposed to happen but I have seen it done many times).

    In some congregations it was becoming harder to get people to offer their homes for it. One reason was the time it would take to clean and prepare the house, another that it was expensive to offer refreshments every week and another that JW children were increasingly ill behaved.

    As has been mentioned, some found it too much effort to attend after a hard day's work and although everyone might notice that you were missing from a KH meeting, few would know you skipped the Group Study, so that's the one you left out.

    And finally the elders...the group study conductor was also supposed to shepherd the members of his group, but this rarely happened in a positive way - it was often seen as another pressure, perhaps one pressure too much.

    In the end I think the reason was simply the GB gave up on it. They have completely reversed what they said for many years that JW'S need study and association all the more so 'as the end draws near', dropped the group study, reduced the Public Talk to 30 minutes and dumbed down the study material to such an extent having a brain at all has become a hindrance.

    The result? When I talk to a JW, I discover they cannot discuss the Bible at all! Once out of the safety net of what is in the paragraph they fall apart.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Talk to a JW about the bible? Right! I can't even get them to discuss their own literature

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