Are you sure leaving the JW religion has made your life better?. Lurkers think twice

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Does it matter that I lost my brother?

    Well I still love him and have made it clear my door is open to him. It is his choice to shun me.... Sure I miss him it's like I'm dead to him, but I'm still alive watching him....

    I'm at peach with it. As long as I know he is looking down on me for leaving, I don't want that negativity in my life. I did try to stay for him for a while but he shunned me before I DA.... I believe him seeing me happy in life may make him think.

    He did have to admit to our bilogical mom that I looked better then I ever have I have hope for him

  • ShadesofGrey

    Life is no longer like one big high school with cliques and popular crowds.

    I can have my homosexual family members in my life.

    I can have my sister in my life.

    I can call her and ask for advice!

    I am not afraid of my friends judging me.

    I smile more, I laugh more. I play more.

    My kids feel loved.

    Oh, I will likely add more and fill this thread with pages.

  • mankkeli

    LeavingWT - Of what value is sharing what is in your heart if it would strain the relationship between you and those arround you

  • Jewel

    Oh my god...let's see. A wonderful marriage (27 years...and the elders said marriage to a "worldly" man would never last) to my best friend. A great job that I love. I have three children who I love madly and who I like as (nearly) grown up people. I laugh about something nearly every day. I enjoy the seasons and the festivals honoring them. I think for myself and read what I want. I am not submissive to my husband...and he wouldn't have married me if I had been that kind of person. I'm happy, not afraid.

    How 'bout you?

  • undercover

    I'm sure there is a percentage of people who are better off staying in the religion. My parents for one. They've been JWs since before I was born. It's really all they know anymore. And what's more, they're actually happy in it. And at their age, to have that bubble burst would probably drive them to an early grave. So as long as it's not hurting anything, I'll leave them to worship as they see fit.

    Now, if only those of us who chose to leave were granted the same consideration by those same family members I just defended...

  • mankkeli

    OODAD- How has leaving strenghtened your relationship with your children?

  • AvocadoJake

    To you "LURKERS!!!!!!!!!!!"

    There are many reasons to put your head in the sand, we won't stop you but you will eventually get a mouth full of sand. It does not taste good, nor wash out of your mouth easily. I am not a "Apostate, nor have I left, I want some answers, and some have been found here! Why would someone want to post or lurk at this site? Would it be the propaganda about "Look around your Kingdom Hall and see your loving brothers! They are willing to die for you!" yet they won't talk to you or could care less if you were taken up by ET, gone for a year. Mind it that many elders or servants have no social skills, they don't belong in their position and they sure earn what they are paid, or should have been a silent partner at a Mortuary. Not all are this way, some have hearts as big as Texas and do care deeply. There are those who wish "If only we had to fill out forms to enter into our Kingdom Hall, we would eliminate many undesireables." This is a real statement by a PO's wife she made a year or so ago. Their are those self-appointed masters of our faith who will quickly 'mark', those that fail to live up, to their own self promoted ideals. Lurkers might be the mother with four or five children nobody showed an interest to, now that those kids have left the 'Truth' she wonders, "Was I to blame or was the community of JWs, who were to busy to care for us? Who was to blame? You might be a lurker who was "railroaded" the way old Pinkerton took out Jesse James with the eager elders DF'ing you! So many reasons for lurking and so little time to write about it. If you faith is so weak in Jehovah God and Jesus Christ, you should not be here. Final thought, you might be a visitor if you are confused by the weekly insight received upgrade or software patch regarding the definition of the "Generation" Opps, I just got a "Upgrade Notice", have to download it, bye!

  • undercover

    Of what value is sharing what is in your heart if it would strain the relationship between you and those arround you

    of what value is a relationship if you share your heart and it strains the relationship?

    Jewel - How can you demonstrate that your life has been rich since leaving?

    Jeesuz H Christ on a Cracker..

    Is living as a WBT$ unpaid employee 24/7 that much fun for you?

    You can`t make a move without the WBT$ Approval..

    You have to follow every WBT$ demand regardless of how WatchTarded it is..

    It`s like a Never ending Prostate Exam..

    The WBT$ alway has Their Finger in Your Bum..


  • mummatron

    It's now been 12 years since I left. Since I started posting on this forum and joined a few other XJW groups, I no longer have disturbing nightmares about the GT/Armageddon. I am happy to be free.

    I think many of us who've been free for years, when we do rant, are angry about the hold the bOrg still has over family members and how it affects our relationships with them. For what we now believe, we only have one life in the here and now and it's upsetting to see family waste precious years of what could be happy, fulfilling family relationships, by shunning or keeping us at arms length.

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