Are you sure leaving the JW religion has made your life better?. Lurkers think twice

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  • ziddina
    "but dont lets deceive people with the intention that happy times are ahead once you are out of the borg..."


    How much time have YOU spent, obtaining a better education?

    Obtaining a better-paying job??

    Finding someone who loves you for being YOU - that's a strictly rhetorical question; I don't know whether you personally could find anyone to love you since you have such a self-delusional, innately dishonest personality - but - finding someone who loves "you" because of who you are, not because of what cult you're a member of...

    Hell, how much time have you spent, actually LEARNING HOW TO THINK FOR YOURSELF???


    Of COURSE NOT - thinking FOR YOURSELF is FORBIDDEN by your masters - the Watchtower Corporation!!!

    What a MAROON...!!

  • ziddina

    Ucantnome, I'm sending you a PM....


    This is what the Idiot posted me on another Thread..

    OUTLAW - I'm hanging out everywhere, While being active here, I'm equally active with spiritual matters both in the congregation,
    in the circuit and temporary assistance at the branch office. Even, the last apostafest in Stockhom was arranged by me.
    This may be difficult for you and million others to fathom but that is exactly how the perfectly act of love is demonstrated.
    Maintainng proper balance in life is what many have lost out and that is what I completely represent. Learn from it.....Makkeli


  • ziddina


    "Makkitup" mistakes total and thorough dishonesty and hypocrisy, for "proper balance"....


    Maybe he IS a real JW, after all - possibly one of those nimnuts in Bethel's writing department....

    If Jaracz wasn't dead, I'd say this hypocrisy and evil approaches his level...

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    So it is okay for Mank to read thousands of threads, but he does not want any other jw lurker to do the same? He does not want anyone to wake up and feel uncomfortable, just stay in the drug like haze of delusion. I honestly think this is someone using a google translate job from Japan, it sounds like someone desperate to hang onto what he has paid so much into over the years. SAD, sad, sad.

  • satinka

    The pain of staying in was greater than the pain of getting out.

    In the end, I'm glad I left.


  • mamalove

    YES, My life is so much better. I don't cry anymore. I have zero guilt about pleasing others vs. what feels right to me. I know my kids will have a chance at a better foundation. I have had good success in my career since I left. I met a terrific guy who treats me like a princess and loves me and my kids tremendously. My family (non JW ones) are fantastic.

    Never did drugs, never had a one night stand, I pay my bills, mow my lawn, got an award for excellence on my house from my city. All and all, it was 6 months of hell to break the cord, but I saw the light and it kept getting brighter and it paid off tremendously. I can finally be my authentic self!

  • Twitch

    I haven't regretted one single day since leaving in my teens, some 25 years ago.

    It was the single best thing I've ever done and I wouldn't trade any of the good or the bad I've had since. It's a package deal and has made me a stronger and more balanced person.

    To the OP, your sad and lame Wizard of Oz diatribe is worthless and weak. Go back to your well crafted cage and let free people be.

  • shamus100
  • GLTirebiter
    My message can be consummated with a proverb that goes this way "The devil we know is better than the God we don't know".

    So, are you admitting that you follow the devil instead of God?

    Are you saying it is better to cower in fear of the unknown than to explore, to examine, to verify "whether these things are so"?

    I think it's sad that anybody would be so scared that they would prefer to stay in the darkness than to seek the light. It is more so when you recognize that the darkness where you hide is a lair of evil. Becoming familiar with it breeds contempt for its dangers, complacency for the price it carries. As Alexander Pope wrote:

    Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,

    As to be hated needs but to be seen;

    Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

    we first endure, then pity, then embrace

    When you recognize that you are in the wrong place, your most important goal is to GET AWAY!

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