A bit more Activity on the Mentally Diseased Front

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  • finallysomepride


    Can we see a couple of bricks coming loose on the mighty Watchtower?


  • nugget

    Every seige is a costly enterprise and a lengthy process. It needs many more events over an extended period to make an impact. But this builds on what went on before.

    So many small acts have helped to create this stir. I never thought a year ago that even this was possible.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    BTTT. Cantleave - can we get an update from the person who provided the information?

  • cantleave

    I'll find out what happened.

  • cantleave

    Update received today from Thames Valley Diversity Unit

    Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx,

    I have received notification that a named lawyer at national level within the CPS has been appointed to make a determination on the issue of whether the evidence of the publication in July appears ‘prima facie’ case (on first sight / initial examination) to indicate that an offence has been committed. If the advice is th at a prima facie case exists, then it is for the courts to determine the fact as to whether or not an offence has actually been committed after examining the evidence for the prosecution and the defence and reaching a judgement.

    The CPS lawyer has been made aware of the allegations of a similar nature made to Hampshire Police, and will be in contact with me when they have considered the published article and the range of legislation related to such and similar situations.

    I will be following-up my contact point within CPS if I have not heard anything by Thursday this week, and will keep you informed of progress.

  • ziddina

    Thanks, Can't Leave!

    And now we wait....



    Wow I can`t believe how well you`ve all done..

    Got a ring to it, don't you think?!.....Cedars

    Thats a really good Play on Words..

    I like it..


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    thanks for the update.

  • cofty

    Can't wait to hear the decision. Well done so far.

  • cantleave

    Please Don't let Rick, Joe or (Johnny the Bethelite) see this thread, they may sensationalise it!!!!

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