A bit more Activity on the Mentally Diseased Front

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  • trailerfitter

    Brits are quite hot on hate crimes. I would imagine the all seeing eye is already penning a response in its defense and writing articles to blind its worshippers with..

  • discreetslave

    WBT$ is getting served. If more of these fires pop up they will have to keep spending money to put them out. Even if the courts side with them they need to recover monetarily. In the mean time more people will become aware of WBT$ and not want to listen to a JW. WBT$ will have to keep putting the squeeze on the publishers for $$$$ and they will have to continue risking funds in the market. I foresee one less publication being distributed monthly to help cut costs or one less assembly or shorter conventions. This is brilliant.

  • punkofnice


    Worst case scenario the WBT$ lawyers steam in and slime over it until it dries up.

    Best case scenario the WBT$ crash and burn on this.

    Either way the exposure is splendid as it exposes the cultishness of the WBT$.

  • stillstuckcruz

    I LOVE THIS! I'm really just grinning from ear to ear here. It's really about time people start to learn about Jw's before they begin studies and what not. This media coverage may not affect those already in the organization but it sure can affect those potential converts. We have already seen many statistics of the massive number of individuals leaving and the growth rate slowly falling. If less come in, and more are leaving, who knows what will happen.

  • cantleave

    TBH - The CPS could kill this, especially after the recent victory in the ECHR.

  • cofty

    If the CPS decide to favour prosecution it will get picked up by the mainstream media in the UK and abroad. Even if the case never comes to court representatives will be taken to a police station for questioning under caution.

    A friend of mine spent a long afternoon in the local station giving a statement about a complaint even though the police knew it was a malicious allegation before they began. They have to be seen to deal with hate crime thoroughly.

    "I imagine you are delighted that the matter has received national press attention, which will undoubtedly ensure public determination of the legal position."

    This sentence is very encouraging.

  • lovelylil

    This is fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  • cedars

    If this does end up going to court, and we all stand outside protesting, I've thought of a catchy slogan if anyone's interested in getting t-shirts printed:


    Got a ring to it, don't you think?!

  • discreetslave

    @ Cedars

  • ziddina

    I love that slogan, Cedars!!

    Can I borrow it? Not to put it on a bumper sticker or anything, but...

    "No more Apost-HATE!!"

    LOVE it!

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