Some JWs are exhibiting signs of violence because of WT hate speech. Read the threat to me and others posted at Topix yesterday

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  • Bella15

    Gosh ... I have always been afraid of my mother ... she would be the first in line cheering anybody killing me, my sister, our children, and my brother who are not witnesses anymore ... she is the type of person that glorifies "godly hate" - sick, but she comes as "mother Teresa" to people little they know that she is a wolf disguised as a "sheep." I don't know if anybody can relate to this ... but it is true in our case.

  • sizemik
    Sizemik have you collected the JW posts off the independent article? . . . nugget

    I've managed a few . . . but missed some of the earlier (more rabid) ones before I realised they were being removed. Dammit.

    Sometimes the need to sleep can be a total inconvenience.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Wow I just saw this post and I am just sick. When my husband and I were pioneering we had a JW who had been involved in heaving drug dealing before becoming a JW go crazy in the hall.

    He went to place where he worked and threatened to kill some people there, now this was 20 years ago and the laws are now a lot stricter but all the company did was to fire him.

    He then came at my husband and threatened to kill him. We called Bethel and at first they told us to go to the police, and as we were leaving we got another call from a different brother just ten minutes later who told us to not go to the police at all costs. We needed to keep Jehovah's name out of it and being this guy wanted to kill my husband because he was an elder it would drag Jehovah's name into it.

    For the next two years I went through hell. He would stalk me, call all the time, threaten to kill me, my husband, family pet, you name it. He stalked where I worked and started to threaten my coworker.

    Finally he went to the next town over and threatened the whole KH hall there. I do not know how they did it but the whole hall got a restraining order on him. I was like what about Jehovah's name and keeping it out of the problem.

    I guess what I am getting at is please be careful.

    It totally gets to you. I was told by the JW's in my hall I was making a big deal out of nothing. That he was just talking that he did not mean me any harm, yad, yad, yad.

    It was while we were at Bethel that I learned one of the other elder's wife's slept with a knife after we left the hall to go to Bethel because he started to come at her family when he lost me to harass.

    This is no joke, when someone goes so far as to threaten your life then they could very well mean it. I was so young and I wanted to please everyone that I allowed myself to be bullied into keeping quit I would not do that today. I would have went to the police on my own and let them DF me.

    What I am saying is take this seriously, I do not want anything to happen to you and the JW are truly starting to scare me.

    You have been such a huge support to me and so many, we all care so much for you.

  • Refriedtruth

    We ain't seen nuttin yet,what's gonna happen when they preach the FINAL WARNING message door to door.I was told that this would be comoning........ and that I would have my faith tested with fire.All my frigging life mine and my siblings were brainwashed with this Jim Jones fascist faith shit Watchtower Kool Aid.

    Here we go....

    A paranoid Watchtower (Freddy Franz) ranting RUSSIA INVADE ISRAEL in END TIMES Note: Ezekiel 38-39 describes a "king of the North" Soviet

    Union-led invasion of 'spiritual'Israel in the "latter days" of ... Uncanny how a number of Bible interpreters say this same Gog of Magog confrontation play out.The Watchtower's take is that it will take all place against a "spiritual" Israel which of course is their own Watchtower corporate leaders aka governing Body aka 144,000 remnant.

    If i heard/read it once iIheard/read it dozens of times the Watchtower apocalyptic time line goes as follows:
    At a glance~ A. cry of peace & security achieved by secular,commercial,political powers.

    B.'peace & security' disrupted by petty religious squabbles

    C. the secular,political,military powers are provoked that their peace initiative is being ruined by pain in the ass religion.

    They through "radical militant elements of the UN" {wts quote} GO ON A BALLISTIC RAMPAGE and outlaw all religion yes the Watchtower say's that UN shock troops will come into our towns and burn every place of worship to the ground.
    They will 'hang high" and slaughter every clergy person.

    D. after this orgasm of destruction the UN 'shock troops' instigated by Satan will then be outwitted by Jehovah and Jehovah God will "put hooks in their Jaws" and they will then take the bait and go after Jehovah's Witnesses encamped in their palatial tents.

    They will attack this insignificant minority as these bold kingdom proclaimers WILL STILL BE PREACHING the MESSAGE OF DOOM that the 'door to ark' has closed and you are all going to die!The entire World is now ready to exterminate Jehovah's Witness the one true religion. Armageddon comes and all opposers to the Watchtower corporate leadership die.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    What happened to " vengeance is mine, I shall repay saith the Lord". What he do, give these guys his checkbook?

    I have often thought that about all radical religious extremists. "What, your all-powerful God can't fight his own battles? He needs the likes of you people to kill for him? Sounds like a wuss to me."

  • sabastious
    Its Cofty - hi!

    Sorry for the mixup! Thanks for your post again, Cofty.


  • JWdaughter

    We need to remember this is the same organization that had a not of apology even regret when it reminded us that in the OT times children who were disobedient should be stoned. This was, I believe, in an article that was speaking to the issues of the 'apostate' or unbelieving children who were living with parents. The regret seemed to extend to the principles of Christian life that along with secular authorities, would not allow this kind of corrective action (killing the child) to be exercised by parents.

    So, that someone wants to shoot the messenger shouldn't surprise any of us. We can still condemn that kind of hateful ugliness, however. And rightly so.

    Be safe, sister Barbara. I can think of at least two of those hateful women over there who would as soon shoot any of us than speak to us in a civil way.

  • JWdaughter

    Unforgivable sin-apostacy against the org---doesn't surprise when one remembers the new baptismal formula. . . .And the "holy Spirit directed organization" Or whatever-it was something like that.

  • flipper

    BARBARA- Wow . Just wow. Please take care of yourself and your husband and watch your backs please. As some have said- go to the police about this guy as you never know if a nutcase person will make good on their threat ! I'm so sorry this happened to you and the others who are being threatened. Just know that we here love you folks unconditionally and are here if you need support and want to talk. Keep safe

  • jookbeard

    sorry to read about this jerk Barbara, hope it didn't shake you up too much, see Rennia is on that forum, wonder what rock she/it crawled out of?

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