Some JWs are exhibiting signs of violence because of WT hate speech. Read the threat to me and others posted at Topix yesterday

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  • cofty

    This statement resonated with me, bohm, - Sab

    Its Cofty - hi!

  • carla

    This should make the news as well the article! Stay well Barb.

  • Violia

    I recall back in the 80's a elder and his wife ( pioneer) told me that the wts ( jws) were going to fight back against apostates. This might be their downfall, actually. Instead of just admitting mistakes were made and correct what they could- they choose to go on attack.

    The thought of losing money and property might send them over the edge.

  • skeeter1

    This JW wrote, "The messenger deserves to be shot."

    Many JWs are nice people. But, there in any large group of people there are going to be a few mentally unstable people.

    The Watchtower's recent articles condemming apostates and calling them mentally diseased helps to stir these people up. Add on top of that, the deep indoctrination of black vs. white thinking (such as JWs are Jehovah's people and non-JWs are going to be killed in Jehovah's soon wrath at Armegheddon), adds further fuel to fire. I remember back at one time, the Watchtower wrote that it did not kill dissenters. Perhaps Blondie has that quote. Something about "stopped short of killing apostates." That was decades ago, and I think the WTS needs to tone down its rhetoric against apostates.

    Since the Watchtower has started its Study Edition last year, the rhetoric is getting wierder and harsher. Coupled with what is coming out of the Conventions, there is a heavy effort to marginalize apostates . . . to being enemy #1.

    Any specific threats need to be reported to the local police, FBI, and webmasters of any hosting site, for starters. This person who is making terroristic threats needs to be vetted out.

    I'd say that being famous will protect you. But, a wacko did shoot President Kennedy and John Lennon.

    It seems like every month or so, an article comes out about a Jehovah's Witness who goes "over the top" in violence. Recently, there was a Jehovah's Witness attending a football game. He tasered a person, and justified it on the other person's alledged wrongs (and not his own). There was also a mother, shot by police, after she was the center of a domestic dispute and was threatening to kill her step son. I remember families where the mother or father went postal on their chidlren, ending lives in physical violence. I'm not saying that Jehovah's Witnesses are mentally diseased, but some of them are violent and mentally disturbed individuals.

    What's ironic is the Jehovah's Witnesses will tell the police & press that they are passive and follow Christ's examples and don't go to war . What they don't tell is when it comes to one-on-one violence, especially within the family unit, they are not passive. Family violence is condoned by the elders. It is considered a 'personal matter'. Somehow, the wife deserves it. She did not submit as a good Christian wife. So, while the Jehovah's Witnesses will not go to war, they will beat up their spouses and children . . and the elders will look the other way. The elders have power, immense power, to stop it. But, they don't.

    Barbara, Bill, Randy . . . I commend you for going forward and publically announcing your stand. You are fighting by the pen. But, remember, there are some violent, mentally diseased Jehovah's Witnesses who may take it upon themselves to stop you. I don't want that to ever happen. We have to remain vocal, vigilent, and report the violent threats to the authorities.

    Remember, cults become more extreme over time. Especially when failed predictions and faults become more known. The leadership tightens the noose on the followers, and ups the rhetoric. Becuase you are making the faults known, the Watchtower tries to make the apostates as enemy #1. This is alot like Nazi Germany, where the government had to make propaganda against the Jews so as to make it easier to justify the mass killing. And, so the Watchtower is making apostates the villians. As such, it only takes one crazed Jehovah's Witness to shoot.

    Again, call the authorities.


  • ABibleStudent

    I am sorry that you were exposed to those hate-filled comments. Please keep safe, ignor the idots and their hate-filled comments, and keep turning up the heat on the WTBTS!! Go Barbara!!

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • sizemik

    It's good to be vigilant about personal safety . . . and to alert authorities sooner rather than later if a threat seems genuine.

    The bottom line is however . . . that this sort of behaviour is playing into our hands . . . it's proof of the detrimental and real effect this published hate speech is having upon so-called "Christians."

    Since this is on a public forum . . . it's going straight into the portfolio.

    In the not too distant future . . . I fully expect to be the most hated apostate in this country. Which will simply prove the point being made. The last thing I want is an apology . . . it would ruin everything.

  • LV101

    Some good advice above to report/file any necessary threats to police, online security, whatever, and have the documented evidence. i'd consult legal counsel regarding watchtower's responsibility regarding this evil. more proof of their disordered, disturbed, zealots following their commands.

    Stay safe --- be prepared. They are bullies.

  • talesin

    Dear Barb, I read all the things you post, and know of your work through one of my relatives here in Nova Scotia. I have great admiration for your fearless and exhaustive work to help others, and expose the WT.

    Please do report this threat to police so that it is 'on file', and take great care.


  • Quarterback

    Hi Barbara,

    Those were very bad words, inpired by hatred. I agree with my friends here in their comments.

    I enjoyed your work, and you honesty, and courage in exposing the WT Society and their awful secrets re the ill treatment of children.

    You and your husband are Heroes....please seek protection from the authorities.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I'm sorry that someone said this to you. I'm sure they didn't mean it literally but it does deserve to be reported to the admin of Topix which I hope you do.

    Of course, if at any time you don't feel safe, report it to the police.

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