Overlapping generation segment on the new Circuit Assembly program

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I'll have to ask wifey when the next CA is. I'll prepare her for it.

    On another note, the GB remind me of some older ones I worked for in the past. I don't know what it is, but they had a "because I said so" mentality. Especially in the workplace. I would do my job and when I would appraoch one of the big wigs with an issue and it's resolve, it was shit canned even if it benefited the company, but either changed or contradicted a policy of the person I was directing the info to. In other words, do it my way even if it doesn't make sense and tell no one about it. I couldn't wait for those old farts to leave so the company could get some fresh ideas in.

    Well the current good old boy network is the same. I said so. A generation now means this. don't bother looking at Webster's dictionary. Forget about it's usage in the english language. This is the true meaning, (this week), so go sell magazines

  • MrMonroe

    Yeah, kind of funny. The drones are sitting there in their seats thinking, "Yeah, it's crystal clear." Up on stage they run through it again, and the drones are nodding, "uh-huh .... uh-huh ... uh-huh..."

    But ultimately it's "Huh?" On the way home if they start discussing it, they'll be just a lost trying to explain a teaching that simply makes no sense and is twisting a fairly simple Bible statement into all sorts of weird shapes to fit a pre-determined outcome.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If I had the time, I'd visit a different CA with some new friends and just bust out laughing during that demo.

  • wannabefree
  • AnnOMaly

    LOL! Woah, you rock, wannabefree!

    It all makes sense now.

  • LostGeneration

    I found it quite telling that these demos were actually provided as a manuscript from the branch, to be delivered verbatim at the assembly.

    They manuscript the demos? When did this start?

  • traveb

    Thanks for the link, Wannabefree. It sounds a little different from the demo I saw but the major talking points are the same.

    What surprised me so much was that they rarely, if ever, talk about core doctrines or teachings at the 1 and 2-day assemblies. Usually the talks and skits cover life issues, like family stuff, young people, materialism, etc. There's always a talk encouraging full-time service. Typically the vibe I get from these assemblies is that the speakers are just trying to encourage the brothers and help them with day-to-day problems. Normally core doctrines, prophecies, and "new light" are saved for the district conventions.

    Regarding assembly demos, my impression (from talking with the actual speakers) is that they are not scripted. The speakers are given a rough outline and have to write out the actual dialog. Of course they are always rehearsed in front of the CO and DO so nothing makes it to the stage without being vetted first.

  • Gayle

    wannabefree,,I feel so sorry for the JWs listening to that 'double talk.' There is no way to reasonably understand that zig-zag line of talk.. at least at the end, the one trying to understand, still stated would still have to study it further,,he actually still wasn't absolutely convinced about any of it. Sadly, most will just trust that the organization/GB understand even if they don't.

  • N.drew

    "Then they reviewed their convention notes and now everything is crystal clear"

    I took notes at assemblies. Later, if I could find them, I could'nt make heads or tails of them.

  • cofty

    wow where did you get that recording that's astonishing.

    They actually spell out the simple understanding of the verse and then admit they have come up with a unique definition simply because it failed.

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