Overlapping generation segment on the new Circuit Assembly program

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  • traveb

    So there I was at the Circuit Assembly Sunday morning with my eyes glazed over as usual when all of a sudden, bam! A demo with two brothers talking about the new overlapping generation teaching. The reason it took me by surprise was because it occured during the second talk of the Sunday morning symposium, "Sanctify God's Name by Your Speech". I'm not sure how they shoehorned this topic into this particular talk but there you go.

    Anyway, the way the demo goes is a brother comes up to another brother and starts complaining about the new understanding of the word generation. He says something to the effect that the meaning of the word "changes every year" and now he "doesn't know what to believe". The other brother agrees with him saying that he and his wife found it difficult to understand but then they reviewed their convention notes and now everything is crystal clear. So he then reviews his notes with Brother Complainer and quotes almost verbatim the info given at the district convention. I chuckled when he got to the part, "Jesus evidently meant...".

    I found this demo interesting. Is the GB getting enough negative feedback on this new teaching where they feel the need to go over again at the Circuit Assembly? I didn't get any audio so if someone is going soon to this assembly this would be a good part to record.

  • Dudu

    wow, im sure they are having a lot of negative feedback on this one ... think about it, i have 20 years baptized and as far as i remember ive been preaching the old light generation ..... it is really difficult to honest ppl to suck this one

  • sabastious

    If their content was different I would give them a pat on the back for listening to suggestions, but since it's the same content only in "skit form" the effort becomes reprehensible. Their new "this generation" teaching lacks in basic logic, as well as math, and that's why it's "hard to understand."


  • skeeter1

    The GB must be getting alot of flack over the latest generation change, and is putting in an example to try to calm everyone over. See, the confused brother on stage was left comforted and understood clearly. It must be my fault that I don't understand. I shouldn't question, just look at the Assembly example and be placated. Oh brother!


  • WingCommander

    Hahahahahahahahaahahahaahhahaha!! As we can see, no new "spiritual food" is being provided, but the Governing Body is merely now doing damage control.

    If they actually had to have a mini-drama to go over this, than you can be sure people are complaining and looking online for answers. Fantastic! They are now REACTING, instead of being pro-active.

    What a bunch of stooges! The blind are truly leading the blind. Has the self-destruction of this freakin' CULT finally begun? Are the cracks finally starting to show? With all of the talks against higher education, the internet, shunning, bad association, critical thinking AKA independant thought, and obediance to Elders, is should now be "evident" that things are starting to crumble in the JW FantasyLand.

    It's about time.

    - Wing Commander

  • EmptyInside

    I heard they brought this out at the Special Assembly Day too. How everyone thought the new system would be here by now,and that many are tiring out. And that some were quite discouraged about the new understanding on the generation.

    They also tried to tie it together to the first century Christians. They mentioned they also had to adjust their understanding on Scriptural matters. But,I didn't hear about many examples of this. And once they adjusted their view,did they go back and change it back to the old understanding and back again,etc.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    To quote my favorite poster name on here: Itscrapandtheyknowit'!

  • wannabefree

    Yah, I was surprised by that too. Shows they are having problems with the R&F accepting this, they hit it over and over again.

  • Gayle

    Their explanation is getting as ridiculous and as exaspirating all the time as this:


  • sabastious
    Has the self-destruction of this freakin' CULT finally begun? Are the cracks finally starting to show?

    Unfortunately the Watchtower, historically, have been quite the crackmasters.


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