2011 Global Survey of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • cedars

    That's lovely, thanks Outlaw.

  • The Scotsman
  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Some interesting comments on this thread.

    Anyway - Cedars - ""APPLAUSE"" - the survey is a great idea - I have just completed it.

    Second - Any talk of somehow cedars is stealing our I.P. addresses for some devious plan is laughable. What would be the motives for such a cunning plan?

    Lady Lee - oh dear - it is all a bit embarrassing..... would have been better to just say nothing.

    Look - if some of you do not like cedars plan then fine - but why does it feel that some of you are trying to fight Cedars when the real enemy is in Brooklyn New York?

    I for one applaud anyone who attempts to expose the WTBTS for what it is.

    The scotsman

  • cedars

    Thanks Scotsman, I really appreciate your sentiments. Unfortunately it looks like people who are serious about taking action against the Society are stifled on this forum. It is baffling to see how quickly anybody who tries to implement ideas that actually require spending money are leapt upon and mercilesslty smeared and ridiculed by those who claim to be on the same side. Like I said earlier, perhaps this is why the Society has managed to wield such unchallenged authority for all these decades. Any organized efforts to dethrone them are compromised from within.

  • cantleave

    I am so sorry this has ended up as a destruction of Cedar's motives and a personal attack on him. He made a mistake, and tried to rectify it. I think the survey, although not entirely scientific, was providing some useful feedback. I think in retrospect Cedar's could have thought it through a little more, but at the end of the day, nothing moves forward until someone makes the first move.

    I did not notice any disrespect by Cedars to the board or moderators, although there appears to be some over reaction on the part of some to him.

    I have had a long chat with cedar's and corresponded with him by IM. He has some great ideas and I have no reason to doubt his motives. I gave him access to my Paypal, because he really does need to maintain his anonymity. He has incidently, been 100% open with me, I know who he is and why it is essential that discretion needs to be maintained.

    He maybe a newbie, as indeed am I, but that is no reason to tear to him shreds because he trying something different.

  • sizemik

    I agree with everything cantleave states . . .

    I also fully understand the caution being exercised on behalf of forum members by Lady Lee . . .

    I would not like to see your frustration dispirit you completely cedars, but can see some flaws (albeit in hindsight) which have led us to this point.

    Forums are not the best platform from which to initiate something of this nature. For good reason there is a high level of anonymity . . . and it's primary function is discussion and support for XJW's . . . not to campaign against the WTS, much as most of us are happy to see that happen.

    Perhaps a modified approach can still be formulated. I wouldn't presume to make recommendations at this stage, as you seem to have plenty of good ideas. I would be happy to offer input if asked however.

    I think the survey idea itself has merit . . . and still appreciate you giving it a go.

  • cedars

    Thanks sizemik and cantleave, I'm sorry but I just don't feel like doing anything anymore. Lady Lee has far over-stepped his/her remit as a mod in my opinion. He/she shut down a thread where we were discussing funding because he/she wanted to have the last word. I then took his/her advice and wrote a lengthy email to Simon explaining the situation and offering a compromise that would allow me to gather donations but in a less conspicuous manner. I have still received no response to that email, and I thought it best in the meantime to put the funding to one side and battle on with the survey regardless.

    I then come online to find I am being accused of being an informant for the Society. I give an answer to explain how ludicrous this would be given my previous posts on this forum, but no response from my accuser is forthcoming. Unsurprisingly, the number of responses on the survey nose-dives during all this controversy, as people feel they can no longer trust me to keep their details confidential, even though I take people's anonymity extremely seriously, as it was a pledge that was made on page 1 of the survey.

    Finally, I wake up this morning to find myself being accused of orchestrating an elaborate scam to extract the princely sum of $400 from unsuspecting forum members! What really baffled me was that this accusation came from the very person who had forbade all mention of funding and closed down previous threads for this very reason. Now he/she has arbitrarily chosen to re-open the matter in a very public way without expressing her doubts or concerns to me privately. In my opinion, this is not behaviour that is becoming of a responsible moderator.

    I just can't handle all this nonsense. I would rather find another online resource where the members are more mature and considerate. I'm only sticking around until this thread gets closed down by Lady Lee (which is almost inevitable) so that I can clear my name before migrating to pastures new.

  • sizemik

    Keep in mind that anonymity is a two-way street.

    You've only been here a short time and there have been plenty of Forum posters in the past who have been experts at maquerading . . . not to put you in that category . . . simply to highlight the high level of caution and skepticism you are encountering. Don't take it personally . . . it's on account of what is not known . . . not what is known about you.

    There are a large number here who have supported you . . . they will still be here.

  • cantleave

    Good point Sizemik!!

    Cedars, don't let this get you down, pen it down to "experience"......

  • palmtree67

    This is not the first time that Desirousofchange has entered a thread, thrown around a bunch of accusations and then disappeared when those accusations are answered. I rarely see him/her add anything to a topic except snarky remarks, then disappears.

    I also took your survey, Cedars. I think while it's not scientifically accurate, the results have certainly been interesting and worth discussion.

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