2011 Global Survey of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Fernando

    Cedars. Really great idea. Especially annual survey. No idea is perfect at the outset. Will improve over time. Has great potential.

    It may help to take the concerns and suggestions onboard, whilst realising others will need time to grow in their understanding of the vision and passion. Different communication styles also prevent different personalities from "getting" the other person. I get you - but many just don't get me. That's life. Especially for those who think of and try new and scary things.

    Privacy and anonymity are must haves for the survey numbers to grow to critical mass. We are dealing with an insidious, venomous, deceitful, vindictive cult that has torn apart thousands of families.

    Please tally up all the positive comments. Please take a well deserved break. Please rethink. We may lose some battles, but will win the war.

    You're a thinker and visionary. Strategise new ideas around money (not here though). Strategise new ideas around IP addresses (proxify.com or a Google service?).

    We need you. We trust you. We love you. We applaud you. Keep modest, humble and respectful despite disappointment and inevitable setbacks.

    You're not the only one facing an uphill battle. This is how we all learn powerful lessons and reach new insights. Steven Unthank is a great example of quietly and diligently strategising at length against Goliath - seemingly without any significant support as yet.

    You've undoubtedly made serious mistakes in the past and needed forgiveness, as we all have. If you can eventually forgive the mistakes of others in this matter you will regain power and keep a very promising project alive and take it to unimaginable heights.

    This forum may not be perfect but for many it is one of the few places they can actively and freely share their hearts and be understood, validated and supported (although not all the time and not by everyone). And who wants a lifeless and plastic community like the WBT$ where all are in mindless lockstep?

    "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

    Arthur Schopenhauer German philosopher (1788-1860)

  • cedars

    Thanks Fernando.

    I'd better copy and paste some of this advice into a Word document before Lady Lee comes back and closes down the thread!

  • Giordano

    I think a survey is a great idea. Congratulations on formatting yours. One outcome after reading through your questions was that it encouraged me to think about some questions I would like to have answered. Especially for active witnesses who were able to answer honestly. Is the organization as placid as their public demeanor would suggest or are their areas of discontent?

    If you are a JW and the WTBTS did away with shunning would you be inclined to leave the organization? Limit participation?

    If you were assured that you would be treated respectfully would you stop going door to door? Attend all or limit meetings?

    Are you satisfied with the role women can have in the WTBTS?

    Do you agree that higher learning should be discouraged?

    If the ban on Birthdays was lifted would you enjoyed celebrating with family and friends?

    Those that fill out a survey must be assured that they will be anonymous and if it's possible anonymous to you as well.The fear factor for those still in and/or who still have family in will inhibit a larger response. I believe that a survey with a reasonable sampling (2 to 3,000) would give us some important data to evaluate and discuss.

    Considering how many people visit this site it would be interesting to learn more about our fellow posters and lurker's..........statistically that is. I for one would enjoy seeing your survey on a secure accessible site like this one or JW Facts or Freeminds that would provide an opportunity for Ex and current JW's to have a voice either pro or con.

    To accomplish a meaningful survey you'll have to balance your status (we are all guests on this site) with concerns that it's owners and moderators may have when it comes to protecting all of us from scams and conduct that goes beyond the norm.

    Thank you for taking the time to contribute your survey questions and ideas.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Cedars I am sorry that you feel so despondent.

    I can see both sides of this. On the one hand I personally have contributed to projects which have fallen by the wayside when the person initiating them has lost interest. I am wary of making any financial contribution now.

    On the other hand, I found the victim mindset of many on this forum absolutely infuriating when I was new here (and yes, I know we are all technically victims). I figured out after a while that some people here who have been damaged by the Watchtower need it to be there and to be invincible in their minds. If it disappeared tomorrow, where would their nemesis be?

    I hope you can return after a break.

  • i_drank_the_wine

    Who cares if someone can see your IP address? Anything you visit or do is most likely logged by your ISP anyway unless you are running through some sort of proxy service, in which case it would just log the proxy. It's not like your social security number or anything. Who gives a crap if someone can tell what geographic region or town you are accessing the internet through? Do you think that some super-hacker is out there just dying to get access to family vacation photos and ex-JW message board account and that having your IP address is the golden key?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Let's see about this.

    You started a survey and paid for a Gold Membership at $400. Then you realized you can't pay for it. So you want members to pay for it?

    Aren't your priorities a little confused? Before you sign up for something that you have to pay for, you should make sure you can pay for it.

    With just a few taps of my keys I found many sites that provide totally free surveys.

    Here is one http://www.esurveyspro.com/Features.aspx As many questions as you want, as many responses as you can get for zip - nada FREE

    I just don't understand why you signed up for something you knew you could not pay for

    Now for some of the other issues

    I shut the last thread down because you were debating my decision instead of waiting for Simon to deal with it.

    And yes I reopened the discussion about the money.

    Look you have not been here very long so we don't really know you very well. We have had many many people come on here asking for money for all kinds of reasons. And we have had posters on here for a very long time and we all knew them and trusted them only to find out that everything they said was a lie and yes they conned some people out of money. A lot of people were very hurt when they found out about the lies.

    As a result we have a policy of not asking anyone for money from the board members. We trusted people we thought we knew as JWs And look where that got most of us. We trusted some people here that we thought we could trust and they had been here a lot longer than you have. And we got burned.

    I don't make the rules. I see a problem and refer it to Simon to deal with.

    There was no need for the link to the site. Where exactly do you think I got the info on regarding their prices? I'm smart enough to go to the home page and find their pricing lists. And I know you are in Europe so that is why I asked for someone else to check it out. I know that there is a difference in prices.


    Your survey is interesting but really? If they weren't going to listen to Ray Franz, one of their own, what on earth makes you think they are going to listen to a survey sent in by someone they don't know?

    The survey might get the attention of the media but I honestly doubt it after years of trying to get their attention I know how hard it is to get editors to touch religious issues especially with the WTS. People have to be dying for the media to pick up this story.

    Active JWs - well where are you going to publish your results? They have to be in a place where active JWs go. That is a tough one.

    Now with ex-JWs you have a shot at real interest. But then you might as well just post your questions directly to the board here or on other sites to see what responses you get. If someone doesn't want to be public and they trust you enough they can PM their responses to you - all for free.

    As for Desirous ofChange - well to be honest I hadn't read any of his posts.

    BTW the "Lady" part of Lady Lee should have given it away that I am a woman. Anyone here could tell you that. A very quick look at my image, or my posting history, or my webpage (link in my profile)

    As for your third thread - this is what YOU said

    Lady Lee - I received your PM and I'll email Simon. Feel free to shut down this thread if you want, but I feel the question is a fair one.

    In several PMs I told you the matter had been sent to Simon. But you have not been content to wait. You have stomped your foot and demanded immediate attention and then cried that you will not post here if you do not get what you want.

    Then you went and opened yet another thread about it.

    Your behavior causes me to have very little faith in you. You call my sending the issue to Simon to deal with and the removal of threads while we wait "abuse". Wow. You really don't know me very well do you?

    I am doing what I am supposed to do as a mod. When I see something questionable that breaks forum guidelines I remove the thread and report it to Simon. Now with a little bit of foresight on your part you might have read the guidelines and thought about asking him before hand about using his forum to take on this project that you didn't have money for and would have to ask posters to help fund. That would have been the responsible and ethical thing to do when you are doing a survey.

    By the way in college and university I had to take courses on research methods. I do know what the rules are so that the survey results will be considered valid. And you don't go into somebody else's space and demand to survey their visitors and expect the respondents to pay for it.

  • cedars

    Lady Lee has come wading in with more wild assumptions, the latest being that I paid $400 and expected to be reimbursed. In actual fact, I paid 23 Euros as a first instalment on a yearly plan, and was encouraged when a number of members came forward and told me that they would contribute if we wanted to continue with the service.

    None of the free websites offer anything close to the quality of service offered by surveymonkey.

    Lady Lee - I no longer have any desire to discuss this with you, as you have shown yourself to be a reckless and unreasonable mod by claiming that I am running a scam when nothing could be further from the truth. I notice that you haven't apologised for making this wild accusation, even though I apologised straight away for wrongly giving people the opportunity to make contributions.

    I don't want to have anything to do with a forum where people like you are chosen to moderate. I'd like to wish you all the best with your efforts to quench and repel all ingenuity.

    Bye everyone.


    Good Bye cedars!..

    I`m not going to miss your endless PMs to me..

    I still don`t own this board and I still don`t make the rules here..

    I`m always amazed at how a poor victim like yourself..

    Never talks about all the Crap they cause for people behind the scenes..

    It takes alot to make this board work and you feel your above the rules..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • cedars

    One last homage to outlaw!..

    I've been thinking about you recently dear outlaw...

    I want to thank you for what you bring to this forum..

    Please continue to be yourself, write loads of crap and take pictures off Google.

    You will always remind me of a word beginning with W and ending with R..

    and rhyming with WANKER

    ........................ ...CEDARS

    You will always remind me of a word beginning with W and ending with R..
    and rhyming with WANKER.....Cedars

    Thats really Clever..Did you think of it yourself?..

    When I think of a Wanker I think of someone who doesn`t understand..

    I don`t make the Rules here and I don`t Own this board..


    They keep PMing me and I have to explain it over and over to them..

    Now Thats a Wanker!

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

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