What is "truth" - COULD Einstein Have Been Wrong?

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    was Einstein wrong ? surely he was, just like Newton, Aristotle and many others,....

    however, their research and ideas were all a step closer to the "truth" wherever that may be, and whenever we may find out...

    Only when science behaves like religion, when questioning long held beliefs is discouraged and frowned upon, then progress will stop.

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    I guess I just get a little... ummmmm... "itchy"... when I hear proponents of science declaring, without exception and unequivocally, that something is absolutely what they think it is. Like religion, the history of science's understanding of the physical world seems to be progressive... based on CURRENT knowledge... and current means/tools for obtaining knowledge. As it progresses, both understanding and knowledge change. Not that that's a bad thing... but should ones REALLY say "There is NO... this" or "It IS like that..." or "It just cannot be because... NOTHING travels faster than...", etc.



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    At any rate, if indeed these neutrinos did indeed break the light speed barrier then we'd have to develop new theories to fit this phenomena or somehow extend existing theories.

    The operative word here, is "if", dear GN (peace to you), isn't it? And, "if" so... new theories just might have to be developed, yes. Which answers your first question:

    how would the math work out?

    "Math", as we know it... might NOT work out. On a previous thread I shared something to this effect when I saw the physical realm come into existence. I heard a voice say... NOT in words of OUR world, but in words that I can only describe as some kind of "math" equations... but NOT, as somehow I understood that they were MUCH more advanced that what is at our current disposal: "Let light come to be/come into existence." Just those "words" spoken... and... omigosh... a very tiny "explosion" occurred. A "light" burst forth (from some other place)... punching through the "void"... and bringing "matter" through with it as it travelled. What I witnessed was the "birth" of that Light... coming out of a "womb". It was pure energy. It was my Lord... being "born"... from the Woman: the spirit realm. He came out of "her"... and into THIS "world"... which was a dense, black void - nothing existed in it. Not even dust particles. No sound. No air. No elements. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Like a vacuum.

    Yet, those words... that "equation"... resulted in that Light coming forth.

    We don't know the "math", dear one. We aren't even close to eventing the theories, let alone the formulas. Because what we DO know is absolutely... primitive... even prehistoric... to what I heard.

    Anyway, thank you all for your comments. I look forward to the day when both science AND religion realizes that they don't know... what they don't know, so as to stop pointing fingers at one another, but realize that what they both CLAIM to be looking for... has a common beginning and Source.

    I bid you all peace!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who has come to learn that a TRULY "open" mind... HAS to consider what lies BEYOND the physical universe... which can be done by realizing that more lies beyond... the physical BODY...

    P.S. re your comment, dear GN, that "Accelerating a particle to the speed of light would require infinity energy," may I ask: would you consider [an] energy [source] that had no beginning... and has no end... as "infinite"?

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    The Picard thing is kind of Ironic sense in that era, traveling faster than the speed of light is actuall possible !
    I've always liked Star Trek because they always were open to the possibilities that the science of today wouldn't be the same one of the future ( though certain elements are).

    "Supreme" alien species like the "Q" were always around to remind humans how much they still have to learn.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Science learns and corrects as it learns. That's good.

    Sometimes, people in science do go too far in "knowing."

    It's just as bad as anyone else declaring, "without exception and unequivocally, that something is absolutely what they think it is."

    Some go so far as to insist that anyone who doesn't see it their way doesn't have an open mind. How hypocritical.

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    we can only hope our scientific understanding of the world will be different in the future, but i am not the person who think that revelation is so important it warrent an entire thread where i get to conflate it with "new light".

    thats why i invited good old picard!

  • PSacramento

    A friend once asked me if I would be open the the possibility that God is simply an uber-advanced alien from a different dimension?

    I said yes, of course.

    I have always been a huge fan of Sci-fi, loved the series Babylon 5 and the Star Trek ones ( though I never was able to get on board with Voyager).

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