What is "truth" - COULD Einstein Have Been Wrong?

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  • tec

    LOL... hope you're having fun, Shelby! Umm... isn't your birthday in a day or two as well then? Your tail feathers might have to get quite the workout this week ;)



  • talesin


    THAT poster says it all!!! Science worshippers (nasty ones who like to make fun of people) take note!

    Personally, I'd love to be one of the 'other' me's in one of the parallel universes. ;)


  • AGuest

    It's in a week (10/6), dear tec (the greatest of love and peace to you, dear one!)... and how'd you remember??? One of my regrets as to the WTBTS is learning to empty my mind re birthdays, etc. I NEVER remember anyone's... other than hubby and kids... and then I'm either always a day or two early... or a week or two late - LOLOLOL! And, unfortunately, I have NOT relearned the habit - as I get older, "forgetting" things becomes easier and easier. I've gone from juggling, say, 64 "things" in my head at a time... down to about 16... most of which have to do with either dealing with my puppies... or pain... in some form or another - LOLOLOL! I've actually started back doing crossword puzzles because I was beginning to fear that if I didn't use it... I'd lose it!

    Someone (not me, oh no - well, maybe me... where's dear Miz Sylvie when you need that guhl?!)... should start a "birthday" thread. You know, just "What month/day is your birthday?"... so those of us who don't keep track can remember... and attempt to send a greeting (I say "attempt", because I'm bad at that, too - LOL!).

    Anyway, had a GREAT time, last night. Danced my hiney (which is now MUCH smaller due to being laid up... and having to walk so much to aid recovery... for so long) off! Shoulder felt GREAT while dancing (body generated heat, so...), but twinged every time I sat down ('cause it was about 88 degrees in the San Ramon valley, so they had the AC... AND fans... on. Brrrrrrrrrr!).

    Anyway, a dear one sent me a PM as to this thread that was... well, awesome, IMHO. I will ask permission to repost it here, as the "sense" it makes is wonderful (to me, at least)... and MIGHT (notice, I said might) help some who don't understand at least contemplate. If permission is granted, I will be back (or "bok", Awnold-style). If not...

    PEACE to you and your household, my dear sister! Well, peace to you, either way - LOLOLOL!

    YOUR servant, sister, and fellow slave of Christ,

    SA, sorta on her own, but only as to the clubbin' and hiney shakin' parts... (Oooh, ya'll should see me and hubby CHA-CHA!!)

  • watersprout
    try reading it in Lloyd's voice, picturing his wide eyes and upstanding white hair)

    I did and I kept giggling! I'm in the mood for watching some back to the future now lol!


  • EntirelyPossible

    The point of the image I posted was this:

    If anyone says science has all the answers and treats things as "fact" inviolate, they are doing it wrong.

    If anyone hears someone in science saying science can or does this, know things as absolute fact and all there is to know about it, call them on it.

    If anyone says science changes it's mind just like new light, they have no idea what they are talking about.

  • talesin

    Shelby, remember when it used to show your birthday? That was kinda nice, to get happy day wishes on here.

    EP, yes, that is what I meant by 'science worshippers' ,,, I love science, and don't like to see it used as a weapon. The whole point is to keep an open mind, else nothing would be 'discovered'.


  • EntirelyPossible

    Science is a delicate balancing act between skepticism and open mindedness.

  • talesin

    Yes, EP, precisely .... I'm thinking of Sagan's book,, the Demon Haunted World - Science as a Candle in the Dark

    a good read


  • NewChapter

    Of course Einstein could be wrong. All theories are up for falsification---that's what it's all about. He certainly was not wrong about everything though---and thanks to him we have made astronomical leaps. And now---we are ready to leap even further. This is an exciting find. I can't imagine anyone that would be more excited than Einstein himself. For that matter---we could REALLY use him now to make the most of this!


  • MrFreeze

    How in the world do you measure something that travels faster than the speed of light? This is a serious question. I would be interested to know how they are measuring it.

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