What is "truth" - COULD Einstein Have Been Wrong?

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  • designs

    Just think you'll be able to answer your IPhone before it Rings...

  • PSacramento

    I'll be home before I even go to work !!

  • unshackled

    PSac: A friend once asked me if I would be open the the possibility that God is simply an uber-advanced alien from a different dimension?

    Made me think of the ending to Men in Black....always thought this is pretty damn cool...


  • PSacramento

    We really have no idea IF our perception of reality IS reality or simply OUR perception of it and how that perception can evolve as we evolve.

    We also have NO idea what out universe is in its completeness or what if anything, lies beyond it.

  • unshackled

    Then there's this little nugget...so far we can only really account for 4% of the universe. Exciting times.

  • PSacramento

    One wonders what our view of the universe and of life will be if we ever reach 10%, LOL !

  • unshackled

    One wonders what our view of the universe and of life will be if we ever reach 10%

    And maybe we won't lose our keys as often.

  • EntirelyPossible
  • AGuest

    Well, I'd LOVE to stay and chat with you... ummmm... more, shall we say, "noble-minded" (may you all have peace!)... but... manana is the hubby's B-Day and we're going out dancin' with exJW fam tonight! So... C-YA!

    And, as always, PEACE to you chickens... Romuluns... Gen-Hadar... 6 (or 7) of whatever number... Klingons... Jedii... Wookies (and you know who you are!)... humans... aliens... believers... non-believers... Muskateers... knights... or whatever ilk you hail from!

    SA, on her own... and 'bout to go shake her tail feathers (which, although has been a LONG time coming, is here due to the Lidoderm patch, which she got today... and seems to be working. Well, so far. We'll see.)... so she's outtie 5,000! Have a good one... and ya'll come back now, heah?

  • Twitch

    LOL Good thing it was only Shelby "on her own" and not what's his name cos I might be worried otherwise,...

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