Just why would god create dinos??

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  • highdose

    The JW answer to this is that there must have been some purpose for them that we don't yet understand.

    But dinos were pretty violent, basic animals who killed without mercy. I know not all of them but alot of them did. The ones that were vegetarian ate huge masses of vegatation, how is that productive to the earth?

    If god created man in his image then what base image did he use for the dinos? And why start off with the dinos at all? Why not just create man?

    And... why also not stick a little scripture in the bible, somewhere around the point just before god rests ont he 7th day saying something like " oh yeah and i tried filing the world with monsters who had no moral code and not the brain power to be able to worship me. I let them get on with it for a few million years then killed them all off... just couldn't get them to sacrifice a lamb on the sabbath you know?!"

    theres alot in the bible about not stumbling others... well did god not think how stumbled mankind would be when they of course came accross the fossils of these beasts?

  • designs

    T-Rex was made in god's image...

  • sizemik

    He knew they would all die and provide huge oil reserves for the Arabs . . . praise Allah.

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    T-Rex was made in god's image...

    .....but died in a car crash.


  • cedars

    I've always been a bit bemused by the Society's approach to dinosaurs. Apparently they were ommitted from the Genesis account because it would have caused confusion among the Israelites, etc (or however the Society word it). However, surely the ommission of such a major part of the Earth's history does more harm than good? As highdose observes, a simple mention that the world was for a long period dominated by huge beasts (or even lizards) would not have been too much for ancient man to get his head round, and it's not like they would have started saying "but where's the evidence?" because they had no idea of the concept of fossils back then. What DID do harm was omitting it, so that when the first fossils began to be uncovered people started saying "hang on, why is none of this in the bible?"

    It's an interesting point, and one that I've grappled with.

  • cantleave

    God didn't create them. The Satan the Devil put the bones in rocks to confuse humankind. Please don't forget that ALL animals before the flood were vegetarians. Don't you mentally diseased apostate scum know anything? Next you will be saying the Jerusalem wasn't destroyed in 607 and that Rutherford lived in a mansion and drove round in expensive cars.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    LOL @ cantleave

  • ambersun

    I think I might ask some of my JW nephews and nieces this question if I get the chance. It might be a good way of starting an innocent little chat to encourage them to do some independent thinking

  • punkofnice

    I do find dinosaurs fascinating but as for the 'WHY' I don't really care.

    I heard a non JW say that due to their size, dookie plops and lungs they'd probably be able to kick start the eco-system like giant JCB's on a building site.

    NO, DON'T ASK!!! I didn't formulate this theory!! Just passing on what I heard.

    Crocodiles have nice smiles though!

  • gubberningbody

    Soil builders. Topsoil is important, but it's not just crushed rock, it's dino-poop.

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