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  • mrsjones5

    Hi Shelby.

    Maybe Bushi got a bit more information than he figured he would get.

  • AGuest

    Mayhaps, Miz Josie, girl... mayhaps! There IS the saying "Be careful what you ask for", though, so...

    Peace, chile!

    SA... totally agreeding with dear OUTLAW... on her own...

  • tec

    Secondly, I truly did think, early on, that "they" had the best intentions, but were only acting because the WTBTS hadn't received the "new light", yet... but would

    I had this same thought as I was coming to the end of my study. There were things that I could not accept or believe, but I had managed to convince myself that they would eventually get new understanding that would clear up their misunderstanding. Didn't hit me until later how little sense it made that I might understand something, but the men 'in charge' didn't yet.

    Peace to you, Shelby,


  • VanillaMocha73

    I was in an abusive marriage for over a decade. The elders knew about this all along.

    My husband continually accused me of cheating on him, if I so much as left the house. I got tired of it and told them I did. I was dying from the years of abuse and walking on eggshells.

    They disfellowshipped me and spread rumors that I had gone to live with a boyfriend. I had gone to stay with my mother.

    So, disfellowshipped after being a zealous pioneer, do it all the "right way" sister for over 3 decades.

    The second level that you find on the board (and happened for me) was when I disfellowshipped myself. The elder's little meeting and shunning is one matter. The individual can still stand in shame at the KH for long enough and be back in. But I started reading the Bible. The real Bible, not the JW Bible. And actually reading it - not just the selected passages from the weekly Watchtower. Someone sent me "Truth or Consequences." My own mother (anointed JW at the time) told me to read "Crisis of Conscience." I just about had a heart attack. But realizing that my treatment was completely unloving, that this group of people accept lies rather than find out the truth, and that their actions did not represent the True God, nor were they in the Bible, I disfellowshipped myself.

    I never, ever, ever want to go back!!! (And my mom is a Christian now - praise the Lord!) And to seal the JW fate for me - she disagreed with some of their teachings and is now disfellowshipped at the age of 74, having spent the last 40+ years in the "Truth". Separated from all of her friends, all of her support circle. Who would do that to a 70 year old lady? I've heard rumors spread about her as well - that she must have a boyfriend or something.....

    By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." - John 13:35.

    Conversely, by this alll men will know that you are NOT my disciples, if you hurt one another.

  • nugget

    I left suddenly when I could see how harmful the meetings were to my son. He is autistic and the meetings made him constantly fearful and meant he could never have the routine he needed in life. When I told an elder I could see no place for my son in the organisation he agreed with me.

    In addition to this my husband was having serious doubts about the religion and after extensive research we came to the conclusion that the governing body could not represent God. We were happy to mind our own business and certainly did not discuss these doubts openly outside of this anonymous forum.

    However earlier this year elders visited our home and questioned us about our doubts. Because we could not agree that the GB were gods representatives on earth we were Df'd.

    To be honest whether I was df'd for this or anything else has little relevence and I find the question worrying. It is part of my old JW personality to try to compartmentalise and judge people and this is something I try to avoid now. People are more than the judgements against them and if their words are angry a more relevant question would be What do you see as the source of this anger? Why do you feel the way you do?

    If you feel that members of the forum are unworthy of you then perhaps it indicates that you have some way to go to mental maturity.

  • N.drew

    Hi! I'm back to the thread. Thanks VanillaMocha73 for posting.Sometimes I loose my way

    around the web. Just want to say thanks AGuest for the post about Judas. I can see

    much more clearly now! You put so much effort into (in troublesome season) preaching the word

    and want you to know I appreciate the lovely way you do it.


  • rebel8

    Question 1: Did you leave the organization out of the blue or were you first disfellowshipped?

    I left entirely of my own accord. The elders begged me to stay in fact. I wouldn't say it was "out of the blue" though.

    Question 2: For the people who left out of the blue, What made you leave the organization?

    I knew it wasn't the truth for years--I was just waiting to be of the legal age to physically escape. I was physically forced to attend the meetings and was forced [via financial abuse] to pioneer.

    Also, the people involved with it in my locale were immoral, hateful human beings, it wasn't emotionally healthy to be involved with them, and that I would likely die in my 20s if I stayed.

  • mamalove

    I was a born in. Read a book about fundamental Mormonism, and a woman who escaped. It reminded me of JW's way too much. Slowly I realized the religion was not the truth. I kinda quit cold turkey. Never DF or DA. Although the elders have contacted me a few times to see if they could get me to say something that they could use to make an announcement. My JW family shuns me. My non JW family loves me. I am so much happier now. Plus I needed to leave to give my kids a shot at a normal life, aka college, waiting to get married, and not having to rely on Brooklyn to get instructions how to think and act.

  • dogisgod

    I left when my now ex husband was outed. I was invited to ONE elder meeting. At that meeting an elder asked my ex "was there something your wife would or wouldn't do that caused you to turn to men?" WWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTT? The end. I was gone.

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