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  • Greybeard

    Hi Bushido,

    I was a hard core JW all of my life. There is no way I would have listened to "apostate" words for a second. However, for a long time I prayed for God to not let me be blind and here is why... It really bothered me that all these people who were not JW's were going to be destroyed for not "seeing the truth" of the Watchtower. That is about 5 or 6 billion people who will die because they are not Jehovah's Witnesses. This really bothered me. If that doesn't bother a JW than they will most likely NEVER see the light IMO. The GENERATION "new light" was a real joke to me that I couldn't buy. Time ran out, it wasn't "new light."

    I thought to myself, if I wasn't a JW I would probably never become one based on all the wrong predictions including the generation change. I had these thoughts as a full believing loyal JW. So I prayed for help and I asked Jehovah/YHWH to not let me be blind. It wasn't long after that I found myself disfellowshipped and wrongly so IMO. I got a DUI, I was VERY repentant and in TEARS... They said I only told them because it was going to be public knowledge. They DFed me and said, "We hand you over to Satan." I was in shock... That was a earth shaker for me. Now I look back on it as a answer to my prayer the way it all happened. I decided sense I wasn't a JW I would now look at everything I could on them. was at the top of my list. A "worldly" friend sent a link to it right after I was DFed. It didn't take me long after that to find out "the truth about that truth." (TTATT) I did go back to get reinstated (to talk to my kids) then faded and I am still faaadddddiiiinnnngggg out.

    I see Paul Grundy is on this thread! I just want to say Hi Paul and THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!! AWESOME JOB!!!

    So may I ask you Bushido, what is your story? Do you still think they have the truth or are you looking for answers to questions they cannot answer?

    Your brother,


  • sizemik

    For the people who left out of the blue, What made you leave the organization?

    I'm neither DF'd or DA'd. Technically I'm simply inactive (although an announcement may have been made without my knowledge). I stopped atending with about 50 others 6 years ago, when a young man suicided in outrageous circumstances. A number of us were prompted to look a little deeper into things and uncovered the appalling situation regarding child sexual abuse . . . that was the clincher. Further research into the WTB&TS's history and doctrine . . . and the whole sorry mess unravelled.

  • JW83

    I left out of the blue at 23yo while auxiliary pioneering because I was unhappy, I was realising that my personal morals were not those of the JWs and that I didn't really 'like' Jehovah, his organisation, or most JWs! I am actually ashamed that it took me so long for me to want to get out, and that I wasn't bright enough to really question anything prior to leaving.

    After some months I disassociated myself in a letter to the congregation a) to stop elders harassing me and b) to show young Witnesses that some people do actually leave the organisation of their own accord and not just because they want to have sex!

  • Botzwana

    I left out of the blue too...Fading now after a year. Someday I will do a personal post. But that time is not now.

  • lostandconfused

    I was born in, never got baptized (thank goodness)...I grew up and saw all the gossip and turned me off starting from when I was a childhood killed me, I wasn't allowed to go to public school or talk to "wordly" made me a very rebellious teen...I feel like I never got a childhood...I don't want my kids to grow up like that...I still feel like it's held me back in the education department, I'm just now going back to school... and I suffer from severe anxiety.

  • cedars

    BUSHIDO - I'm still in the orgnisation, but just inactive - just to help give you an idea that this forum is not completely dominated by those who are DFd or DAd.

    Have you read Crisis of Conscience yet? Like I said, at least try to read the foreword, and then make your decision as to what type of man Ray Franz was by his opening remarks.

    The last topic I posted was only answered by ex-JWs and it was really intended for JWs to answer.

    I was one of the first to answer your last topic, and I'm not disfellowshipped or disassociated.

  • mrsjones5

    Another born in never got baptized here, finally left in my early twenties cuz I never really believed any of the so called "truth". I also have siblings (two brothers and a sister) who aren't jws too. None of us do illicit drugs or have sex orgies or much of anything else the society would love to pin on us. We're good people. My mother and father were spiritually weak during much of our formative years and have just recently gone uber dub. It has not been fun or pretty.

  • wobble

    I was born in,and seemingly left "out of the blue" after 58 years, and after being a solid member,apppointed man for many years, more FS than most, best Meeting attendance of anybody in our KH for years, and at the end there were 170 or so to beat on that one !

    I left because of the Governing Body of J.W's demanding worship and usurping the place of Jesus Christ.

    I say "seemingly out of the blue" because looking back I was reversing out for years without knowing it, I never swallowed all the outrageous Bulls**t.

    I am not DF'd or DA'd, I have many family members in, the JW's just view me as a "lost sheep", the last call I got from a kindly Bro. offering to take me to the K.H if I wanted, I told him:

    "Since leaving I have educated myself, and moved on from all that " , which is so very true, I found out all the sordid history of the W.T, all the errors with doctrine, the downright lies, and became aware of their mind-control cult techniques. Go back? Nah.

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    Question 1- still in. wish i weren't but i love my friends

    Question 2- If i leave it will be because I am sick of the holy governing body. Unscriptural shunning and blood commandments!

    I never bought into the gb from day one. after 20 years I shake my head until it hurts. Here recently since we have gotten our own private watchtower I have really gotten extremely sick of the constant taking scriptures out of context, going beyond the things written, and total fables.

    Anyway hope you don't mind me answering since the questions don't really apply to me. Thanks

  • skeeter1

    I was never baptised, so I was not disfellowshipped.

    I stopped attending meetings in the 1980s. I was gearing up for being a bapitsed member of the Jehovah's Witnesses. We got to the 1914 date and I had a problem with it. I thought the reasoning was flawed, but couldn't put my finger on why. It just sounded wrong. It was too complicated and convoluted. Jehovah just couldn't want the average human to understand this important date the way the Watchtower explained it. I just couldn't get my head around 1914. I also wanted to attend college, which was a near disfellowshipping offense. I was yelled at by others in the KH for wanting to expand my mind. So, I stopped my study and going door to door. The elders threatened me with announcing my name as no longer being a publisher, which they did. But, I didn't care. I told them to do what they needed.

    I didn't "do much" with Jehovah's Organization until 2001ish. Then, a sibling was studying with the JWs and suddenly stopped. He didn't agree with the second baptism oath (to the Organization). He was raised in the Truth and wasn't gong to pledge his soul to humans. He was around in 1975 and had seen enough crap take place.

    Also in 2001ish, another relative proudly told me that the Organization didn't believe the generation of 1914 would pass away anymore. There was "New Light" on what the generation meant. I was dumbfounded. The Generation of 1914 not passing away was the cornerstone of what the religion was about in the 1980s, similar to the End being in 1975 (a decade or something after Adam's creation was Eve's...).

    Then, the same relative said that I should come back because college was now favorable. I saw that these people are drones for whatever the Watchtower says at the moment.

    Then, I stumbled upon AJWRB . I saw the religion as hypocritically allowing blood, while being dishonest with followers and asking their very lives. I saw the changes in the blood doctrine, and realized that the followers are more then just drones, they are suicide drones.

    Then, I looked up a quote in a Watchtower. It was a misquote. More quotes. More misquotes. There are threads and threads on this forum about misquotes by Watchtower's writing.

    Then, I looked into cults and what a BITE model is used by pyschologists. I realize now that the WTS is a cult that follows much of the BITE model.

    I am not perfect, but I've not raped or molested any child or person. Nor, have I murdered anyone. I don't drink excessively, don't gamble, don't do drugs, don't smoke, don't sleep around, etc. That makes me better then some of the brothers I knew.

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