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    Pams girl

    I studied for 6 years. In that time, the JW successfully isolated me from "worldly" friends and family. I suffer with agoraphobia and panic attacks. They pushed and pushed me to attend meetings, the memorial, even when I was very clearly unwell and suffering.

    The crunch came when I was told I needed to try harder, or was not praying in the right way. They had NO IDEA how debilitating my illness was. They didnt know me, even after 6 I PUSHED myself to attend the district convention in 2009 while my mother was dying in an intensive care ward. I stuck it for 2 hours, realised I needed to be with my mother, got up, and wobbled out. I was chastised for leaving to be with my mother a week later. THAT WAS IT. I SNAPPED INSIDE.

    It became clear I was worthless to them in terms of field service, and gradually they stopped calling, leaving me alone for monthes at a time.....Christian love? Dont make me laugh.

    I found out about the Org joining the UN, the scandals of child abuse, the failed prophecies, and so it goes on.....joined this forum, and never looked back. I found the truth. And its not them.


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    I don’t mind answering these for you Bushy if it’ll help you.

    Question 1: Did you leave the organization out of the blue or were you first disfellowshipped?

    I left ‘cold turkey’ after resigning as an elder and in ‘good standing’ with the congregation. I am not DF or DA but the elders are hounding me to get me to incriminate myself. I'm not responding. I'm letting them play their peurile antichrist games!

    Question 2: For the people who left out of the blue, What made you leave the organization?

    As an Elder I got to see just how little was Bible based in our activity and that it was all just a business. I got to see how the things I had held as absolute all my life were just lies!

    You’re better off reading my thread………….

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    Mine's a long story click on link for full version.

    In a nutshell, I left an organisation founded on lies, falsehoods and occult practices; run by a despotic leadership who have twisted the bible to manipulate the membership, which is continuing to be divisive and dangerous!

    I left because of a principle, that I was not going to idolise 7 men in Brooklyn, and was in January 2011 disfelowshipped because of holding to that principle.

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    Neither in my case, Bushi', I'm still attending meetings and doing all I can to help others in the KH become conscious of the GB's machinations.
  • leavingwt

    It has become very apparent to me very quickly that this forum is dominated by ex-Jws.

    For a better understanding on where many of us are coming from, please read these two books.

    Crisis of Conscience by Raymond Franz

    Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steve Hassan

    The first book details how WT is nothing special. The second book explains why seven people believe WT is special.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I left out of the blue. I was a born in who truly believed it all. I was forced into being baptized at the age of 12 by my parents, I did not have a clue what or why I was doing it. The elders come to my parents home to ask all of us the questions, (I have one sister who is six years older and the four of us were baptized together) the only question I answered was what is God's name. I will never forget the elder when he asked me the question. He looked at his notes and "said LITS has not answered any questions so far from what the other elders have said and to get baptized she really needs to answer at least one." That was when he asked me what God's name was and I passed the test to get baptized.

    With that being said I did totally embrace the religion when I was about 16 years old. My parents had pulled me out of school, I had not friends, my parents were abusive to me, I had no one to turn to so I turned to the only thing that was there the religion.

    It is a long story about my life, I truly never fit into the religion was rejected over and over but I still believed it, just felt Satan was testing me. I pioneered in my teens, married a man who was older than I was who was also a elder had been one for over 12 years when we married. I pioneered, went to Bethel. I lived the life of the religion, I did everything that was asked of me and more. Opened my house up when ever there was a need. Have had the whole congregation into my 900 foot home on three different times because no one else would even though they had way more room. Always feed the speaker, held going away parties, when someone was sick or hurting I tired to be there for them. Always had our car available for field service, which most of the other elders NEVER DID. Even though I never fit in I tried to be the best I could.

    What caused me to leave literally out of the blue was a child molester moved into the hall in 2006. Yet it still took me until 2009 to leave. I kept hoping that I was wrong, that I was seeing things wrong. After tons of emails between me and a attorney elder in the hall and some with the PO and other elders, writing to Bethel, etc and still seeing this guy going out in service without elders, being threatened with being DF'ed by the attorney elder if I did not keep my mouth shut. After being told NO WAS ALLOWED TO NO THE PAST OF THIS MAN or any pedophile! After getting this child molesters, court records and police records which were way worse then I had even imagined and not one elder took them from me expect the (PO) COBE. I did mail them to all the elders, even to Bethel and I have proof that they received them.

    The final straw was when this child molester kept going behind the counters at the meeting acting like a MS and none of the elders would stop him, that my husband finally told him to stop and the child molesters shoved my husband in the middle of the hall. After four years of not being able to stop the child molester they could delete my husband from being an elder after he gave 32 years of his life to the cause in one week. They took what I feel is the best years of my husbands life by dumping on him all the problems ones in the hall that most of the other elders refused to handle and even after they deleted him they still thought my husband would do the dirt for them.

    I stopped going cold turkey from that day on.

    So that is me, I am not DF'ed or reproved, I have not disassociated because I do not want to give them that satisfaction. I know the elders would love to DF me and why they have not is any ones guess. It could be all the letters, emails, and proof of receipts that I have, begging them to stop the pedophiles, plus I have joined SNAP and they also know that. So this is where I am at now.


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    i studied for a few years but eventually saw it for what it was , full of imperfect humans like all religions are except they claim to be different , and because of them not reporting a known child molester to the police years earlier and i was not warned my daughter was raped age 13 but i did nt find out for a few more years and when i thought that religion was all in the past i had a court case to deal with involving the lot of them who i thought i had seen the last of , they included other jw victims that had not come forward untill my "worldly" daughter came out with her allegations and i found out at court the elders knew he had done it but he was only reprooved leaving him free to rape more girls including mine ! so that put me of them for life but i get called an apostate by my childs rapist ! and his family think im much worse than him for being against their religion ! go figure ! they are very odd ! hope you find out the truth , best wishes .

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I have only "mentally" left, as I have to many family in that I would never want to lose.

    My "awakening" wasn't necessarily out of the blue, but I did get quite sick a few years back and that definitely shook my faith in god altogether.

    But it was more that things just didn't add up. For years I had little nagging questions, stuff that didn't seem right.

    What made me finally investigate further was the overlapping generations thing. I tried to push it aside as long as I could, but heard others disconcerted over the fact IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE. I finally admitted to myself that it was just complete nonsense they were trying to pull on millions of people. Did research on 1914 by reading "Studies in the Scriptures" and realized the whole thing was just an amateurish mess of numerology, pyramidology.... bullshit. Everything written in the literature from then on is just trying to cover one blunder after another. The pattern becomes highly recognizable.

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    I was mentally in on and off, mostly off, throughout 40 years, I was perhaps half-awake - LOL!

    Things never add up for me ... final blow was visiting the Watchtower Corporation in NYC ... NOTHING during the tour indicated to me that they were in the business of SAVING LIVES ... that was around 2002-2003 ... I saw projections charts going on for years in the future and all kinds of stuff that pointed only to the amount of books, magazines distributed but nothing about impact to lives like you seen in other Christian ministries: like amount of meals given to the hungry; hospital, health clinics, orphanages, shelters, half-way houses, rehab centers opened or funded; water wells constructed, just to mention a few. Funny note that one of my sister left the org after visiting Bethel and spending a few days with some bethelites in NYC.

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