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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    So, just recently ( I believe it was the September 1 WT) there was the thought that only the "incorrigibly wicked" will be destroyed at Armageddon. At the recent visit of the CO, several times he brought up the idea that the "great crowd" will be far more people than just the 7M JWs on earth today.
    All my life I was raised thinking only JWs would be the GC, and the other 99.9% of humanity would be fertilizer. Is what I'm reading and hearing here going to be some sort of 'new light'?

  • MrFreeze

    If we don't have to become JW's to survive, then why become one? That's what I told the elders when they came to my house to talk me into coming back to the meetings. I said, "Don't you teach that only JW's will survive." They said, "No, Jehovah reads hearts." My response was "I know for a fact the WT teaches that you have no chance of surviving if you aren't a JW. So if you are telling me that that we don't have to be JW's, why should I go to the meetings? If I have a good heart, then I guess it wouldn't really matter if I go to meetings. Also, there's no point in preaching because if they have the right heart condition, then they would survive Armageddon anyway."

    Another question I asked them was "If I don't go to meetings, then will I die I at Armageddon?" They refused to give me a straight answer.

  • cantleave

    It'll be interesting if this really does develop ~(somehow I doubt it!). As Mr. Freeze indicates it will negate the preaching activity.

  • WildeLover

    Hey BOC

    that is true. i checked it out on and it is sept 1st issue.

    Interesting to look at definition of incorrigible! i wonder what that will mean for the preaching work/ sheep and goats etc

    1. Incapable of being corrected or reformed: an incorrigible criminal. 2. Firmly rooted; ineradicable: incorrigible faults. 3. Difficult or impossible to control or manage: an incorrigible, spoiled child.

    thanks WildeLover
  • AllTimeJeff

    If they try that, I will be right here waiting.....

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Nah. That's a public edition WT. Window dressing.

    The targets won't find out what the WT definition of 'incorrigibly wicked' is until they are well hooked.

    It's still a good quote for playing Cog Dis games with a Dub though. Especially if you have an audience.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    MRFREEZE/CANTLEAVE - yes, even my wife said to me that basically the preaching work is meaningless if the lil 'ol church lady down the street escapes the big A because she is not uber-wicked. What's the urgency of preaching when most folks are pretty well- meaning citizens?

    WILDELOVER - if I'm not correct, I believe the whole sheep/ goats thing was scrapped years ago, but this seems like a further step towards a more moderate position.

    ATJ - I do think they're trying it!

    BLACKSHEEP - Yes, when I saw it in the public edition, I thought it was just propaganda for the public. But the CO himself was saying that it would be a GREAT CROWD - not just 7 million. In the end, I know it's all bullshit, but it is quite interesting...

  • baltar447

    Come on guys, this is probably nothing more than PR spin. Something they're really good at. The REAL meaning will be found in the koolaid WT.

  • Ding

    The WT presents a tolerant facade to the public.

    Only when you become an insider do you learn that the WTS believes that even a lot of JWs won't make it because they aren't dedicated enough to Jehovah.

    Give up your jobs and pioneer, people!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    BALATAR447/DING- my cynical side (which is undeniably dominant now) is with you. It's just PR.

    But the CO's point was so strong, our service group the other morning was like, "What the hell are we doing out here when we could be sitting home, drinking coffee, reading the paper and being not incorrigibly wicked?"

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