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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    But the CO himself was saying that it would be a GREAT CROWD - not just 7 million.

    I use those moments to get a shot in.

    There are plenty of articles that define who isn't going to get in. E.g. 'heart condition' is used by my many Dubs to make them not look culty, but the WT articles also give a definition of what Jehovah uses to define 'heart condition'. The Dub is either trying to fool you, or doesn't know his own doctrine. Either way, they need an education and I'll give them one.

  • metatron

    They go back and forth on this one.

    The whole idea of an organization militates against the plain sense of the scripture. I mean, a great crowd which no man was able to number? Really? Compared to a cult that keeps careful statistics and records of each publisher's name and status?

    How is that supposed to work?



    I`ve had the same thing said to me at the door..

    It`s WBT$/JW double talk..

    "Only God can choose who his people are..Who make it into the new system"..

    In Watchtower World,Who are Gods People?..


    It`s a lame attempt to look normal to the outside world..


  • mindseye

    Some more liberal-minded JWs that I've known have said that the survivors of the big A would more than just JWs. So that idea is not really anything new in my experience. Yeah, I agree it's usually a ploy to get people in/keep people in, but some JWs actually believe it.

    I could be mistaken, but I remember the WT published something in the 90s that hinted at this. It had my family in heavy discussion. I find the WT puts out something every once in a while to make it look more nuanced. It's usually so ambigious that no one really takes notice, and the status quo is kept in check.

  • leavingwt

    Core Concept: Salvation Only for Jehovah's Witnesses

  • sizemik

    At the recent visit of the CO, several times he brought up the idea that the "great crowd" will be far more people than just the 7M JWs on earth today.

    The "foreigners" . . . to be slaves and "gatherers of wood" for them . . . in their elitist utopia.

  • oompa

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  • designs

    They're going for Christian Lite. They already have the Muzic down....

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  • oompa

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