Your top 5 most irritating doctrines/practices?

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  • Vanderhoven7


  • nugget

    Any doctrine that causes harm is a source of irritation

    Blood doctrine - which changes over time but is enforced without mercy. Families who would rather see their loved ones die than risk the consequences of receiving life saving medication.

    Shunning - Unloving, unchristian, cruely applied with no empathy. When people are disfellowshipped in order to be made an example of and the inbalance and lack of equity so that elders children are forgiven but others are punnished is disgusting.

    2 witness rule and protection of the reputation of the religion over protection of the flock is a stench and a disgusting practice.

    Social isolation so that children grow up awkward and with low self esteem is a travesty. The denial of education, the denial of people being allowed to grow and be the best they can be is painful to watch. Isolation from peers so that these children are socially awkward and don't understand how to protect themselves or interact around others. This means that they associate only with other social misfits and also feel pressured to rush into marriage, leading to long term misery. This also means that the literature produced by the society is a joke since the membership is left with only a basic understanding of research and accepts everything however poorly researched.

    Insistance that the current doctrine is the truth even when that doctrine is constantly changing. People do not keep up with the changes, most are ignorant of the current beliefs and yet will not research what the believe when challenged. Happy to be ignorant and contemptuous of everyone else even when they are obviously wrong. Leads to arrogance that is underseved and unjustified.

    I am all angry now need a cup of tea to calm down and some soft music.

  • DeWandelaar

    1. Organisation, Organisation, Organisation!

    2. Hypocrisy

    3. Encouraging youngsters to do something usefull with their lives and in the meanwhile destroy it

    4. Shunning

    5. Forbidding Blow-Jobs

    6. A lot and a lot more...

  • free and happy
    free and happy

    Theres so many ,where do you start?

    For me shunning is a disgusting practice and blood transfusion, don,t get me started there, without one my eldest daughter would be dead right now and I still can't forgive myself for questioning myself whether it was right for her to have one. No religion should make you make that decision, they have no right.

    My daughter is one of the the most beautiful things I have and now we are all free from that religion.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    1. Pedofile protection

    2. Oral sex/pleasuring yourself ban/rule/guideline

    3. Discouraging higher education or even the prevailing attitude of it's not important to do well during high school

    4. Encouraging "the flock" to be judgemental of each others status and service hours

    5. Disfellowshipping taken out of context and current emphasis on having zero contact with family that is d'fd

  • mercedes_29

    1. Believing that any non-Witness is a dead person walking

    2. Male headship over women

    3. Child Abuse cover-ups

    4. Forcing children into baptism/service

    5. Blood doctrine - lost a friend because of this insanity

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis


    1. JC's, I don't recall the term ever in the bible and I remember from my mom's experience with one that those dudes have bad ju-ju on themselves when they supposedly judge their fellow man/woman.

    2. No birthdays? Ever read the g03 22/9 22-24 that talks about piƱatas- how come doesn't apply to b-days?

    3. Using "new light" as an excuse for being wrong.

    4. Blind obedience to everything WT and GB says even if it's ridiculous.

    5. Sex abuse cover up- lurkers look up David Nelson in Phoenix and Candace Conti from Fremont, CA enough for my bubble to burst.

  • Cacky

    1. df'ing and shunning

    2. blood policy

    3. the rest don't matter that much to me, but these two are dangerous so they matter.

    Also, when a jw, having to turn in fs time slips really bothered me. I used to feel like I was playing a numbers game. I could see how the numbers really mattered, when they should have had no place in a truely christlike organization.

  • Cacky

    I should have made number 3 be the two witness rule, which protects peadophiles.

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