Your top 5 most irritating doctrines/practices?

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  • trailerfitter

    !. Encouraging SELFISHNESS and concern for only onesefs salvation....Loosing a chance of "eternal life" if one doesn't follow the big J word especially if blood is taken to save life.

    2. Don't listen to twisted false teachings from "metally ill" apostates ( even if they are sound mind and more worldly wise about such issues)

    3.Anyone who disagrees with the WT are Satans mates. Put fingers in ears and go LA LA LA ..then secret feel happy that they will not survive Armaggeddon like you will because you are so gullible that it will happen!!

    4.The end is coming and will be ..."sustituted date for " now just "SOON". Everone will burn who is not a JW.

    5.Theocratic Warefare tactics ........If your partner is an unbeliever this gives you the right to lie, try to turn children into believers behind unbelieving partners back. Say he / she is influenced by Satan. Trust people you have never seen but have your best interests at heart even if other peopkle actually care about you...they'll be burning in the firey pit soon.

    I just wanted to drop this one in her as an extra.

    The lack of realistic thinking on the part of the WT has left some holes in their training policies.... let the big J do everything... BUT who is going to clear all the bodies up after the population has perished?....morons.

  • N.drew

    1. The phrase "in the truth"

    2. Nylons and dresses

    3a.My little children at convention. (my son had to put up his feet)

    3b the stare of other mothers whose children behaved.

    4. Dressing up the little kids, especially shoes. I hate dress up shoes.

    5. the superstition of some (fear of the demons)

  • N.drew

    I got a better #2. When someone is disciplined or disfellowshipped fellow members can't talk about it, so you can't help and can't know if the decision against them was fair. And the spirit in the congregation about the person is bad, but you can't say anything. Just when they need help the most, they get cut off.

  • cedars

    Thanks everyone for some great feedback. Please keep it coming in, because I will be publishing the results once I've received enough responses.

  • scary21

    1 blood

    2 shunning

    3 education

    4 GB taking the role of Jesus

    5 the end is coming soon

  • umadevi

    1 - No blood transfusion

    2 - No higher education, career

    3 - No 'worldly' connections. Where are the JWs living then? on the moon?

    4 - Failed prophecies

    5 - Field Service..... this was hard for me as a single parent and working full time.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    1) We are god's sole channel

    Get rid of that one and there isn't a next four.

  • ambersun
    1) We are god's sole channel
    Get rid of that one and there isn't a next four.

    Oh Black Sheep, that is so true! If only!!!!!

  • Thetis

    1. Shunning/Disfellowshipping

    2. Blood

    3. Treatment of women as second rate citizens - this would include the humiliation of young women by elders during JC's

    4. Their stance on higher education

    5. Their stance on worldly psychologists

  • Thetis

    Would like to add another one which is my pet peeve.... Discouraging any involvement in charitable work....

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