Your top 5 most irritating doctrines/practices?

by cedars 68 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • InterestedOne

    Either in 4 or 5, I would substitute their teaching that the world is doomed, that it will happen any day now, and the way they arrogantly and ignorantly portray humanity. I think it is one of the reasons why I detect a smug attitude from the JW's I have met. They write the present off as doomed and wait for an outside force to bring a perfect world in the future. In the meantime, they don't bother to engage themselves in advanced human activities. They just do the bare minimum to get by in "this old wicked system." Of course they will happily take advantage of the contributions "worldly" people have made as these worldly people work on solutions to various problems, but the JW's won't get involved. They just stand on the sidelines pointing out people's shortcomings and using it as material for their literature. Talk about irritating.

  • headisspinning

    1. Conditional love

    2. Use of guilt to control

    3. Judgemental mindset

    4. No divorce allowed in abuse cases

    5. No legitimate reason for leaving the religion

    6. Treating unbelievers without respect

    7. US versus THEM mentality

    8. No room for individuality - conformity expected

    9. Rampant gossip and slander

    10. Depressed people are viewed as spiritually weak

  • cedars

    Thanks headisspinning for the extended list. It's always good to hear the views of a fellow arachnid!

    (I refer, of course, to our thumbnails)

  • Magwitch

    1. No way to exit in a dignified way

    2. Can only read WT literature

    3. Preaching work and keeping track of time spent in it.

    4. Child baptism

    5. Blood doctine

    ( I actually have about 732 more)

  • LongHairGal


    Everything you mentioned was good but on a personal level to me it would be:

    (1) the religion's stand against college and careers. I had no use for people who really don't want to work and wish somebody else would support them while they ring doorbells.

    (2) their bad view and treatment of women (especially single). This, all by itself, is reason for me not to be there.

    (3) two tier christianity. Sorry, I joined because I thought everybody was equal.

    (4) unquestioning "authority" of GB. Yeah, I'll question all I want.

    (5) failed prophecy. Only one prophecy would have to not happen for me to leave, never mind 120 years worth of failed prophecies. If I knew the religion's history I would never have joined.

  • DarioKehl

    1. No Smurfs

    2. No skydiving/bungee jumping

    3. No talking about what you want to be when you grow up because "The new system will be here by then! How DARE you!"

    4. Becoming an object of mockery (Obligatory praying in public, especially in a large group at a restraunt after a meeting. Convention badges. Having to sit through the national anthem).

    5. No voicing an opinion of any kind on current events, even minor comments about natural disasters without having the topic hijacked or stolen and turned in to dub rhetoric.

  • Magwitch

    DarioKehl...No talking about what you want to be when you grow up


  • DarioKehl

    Seriously, Magwitch! I can't tell you how many times as a kid I experienced dashed dreams and hopes. So many pathways cut off! Think about it:

    "I wanna be a cop some day." OOPS. Nope. Can't carry a gun.

    "I wanna be a rock star." OOPS. Nope. Can't. Look what happened to Michael Jackson.

    "I wanna be a teacher, doctor, lawyer..." OOPS. Nope. Can't. I'd have to go to college. Bad.

    "I wanna illustrate books/paint." OOPS. Nope. Bethel could always use an artist though! And signing your own work is BAD.

    "I wanna make a lotta money doing SOMETHING." OOPS. Nope. A camel will crawl through the eye of a needle before I'd ever get into the new system.

    Glad I went to college anyway and learned allllll about evolution. And I sign ALL of my artwork.

  • aquagirl

    1. Shunning 2.Bad attitude about women.3.Discouraging education.4.forced ignorance and superstition 5.Thier weird attitude about sex.of course I too have 897 mor things but...

  • punkofnice

    1. Paedo protection

    2. Blood doctrine (leads to death in the name of a money making cult)

    3. Shunning

    4. Worship the 7 headed paedo protecting beast in Crooklyn (Governing Bastards)

    5. Superiority over every non witness.

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