So where were you Sep 11,2001

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I was in Field Service with my now ex-husband and the elder that later did his best to DF me.

    Looking back at how my life has changed since that day.


    God bless the USA and the rest of the world!

  • cantleave

    I was having a week off between Jobs. I heard the news of the first plane crash in Sainsbury's (a supermarket) car park.

  • NomadSoul

    I was in class. (High School).

  • JeffT

    We live in the Seattle area, it was 6AM here. We were just getting up, I had just started the coffee pot when my wife opened the bathroom door (she always has the radio on while she showers) and yelled at me to turn on the news.

  • unshackled

    I'm on the west coast so was still in bed that day. The mother-in-law at the time called and said "Turn on your TV, you won't believe your eyes.". Okay, what channel? ..."Any channel."

  • jworld

    I was in college and I was getting ready to go to school. When I got to school I watched the first tower collapse. That was surreal!

  • NVR2L8

    I was on a business trip, conducting sales training seminars for a large electronics retail chain. During my presentation someone who had a Blackberry connected to his office server interrupted the presentation to announce the crash of the first plane...because he was known as a prankster his buddies started laughing but he said that this was no joke. The room went silent. We had several TVs in the room showing demo material and we connected one to the Hotel's cable outlet...that was right when the second plane hit! l don't have to tell you that this was the last session of the day...everyone else coming in for the next sessions would stay to silently watch the TV screens. My cell phone was ringing relentlessly because family members knew I was on a plane earlier that day and they wanted to know if I was OK. At that time I thought of how near Armageddon must be and yet 10 years later we are still here. I have long stopped seeing every catastrophy as a sign that the end is near...because that's all they are...catastrophies.

  • willyloman

    In the aftermath, I spent days watching TV and wondering why "worldly" people were unselfishly rallying in support of each other and falling all over themselves to provide comfort, food, money, shelter to perfect strangers. I mean, the Watchtower had assured us for years that when mass destruction came, the people would turn on each other and mothers would eat their young. And this is certainly what those Bethelites were thinking as they surveyed the burning towers from the highest floors of the WTBTS headquarters in Brooklyn.

    It was suddenly clear to me: "Oh. They were wrong about that, too." 9/11 was the final "aha! moment" for me as a dub, and the day I became an American.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Watched it live on TV.

    I was at home and sat down for lunch (uk time) and watched the news reporting a plane had hit the WTC and showing initial footage soon after the event.

    Just as that started to look like an accident and I was about to switch off and get on with things again the 2nd plane hit live on TV. It was like being punched in the stomach.

    Then the 1st tower fell. Then the 2nd tower fell. I'd spent all afternoon watching the news live and felt like I'd been assaulted.

    I knew the world had changed in those moments.

  • d

    I was coming home with my mom from runing errands and my aunt called and told us what happend I felt very scared that day. I was only 10 yrs old.I first saw the first and second plane crash I was very scared and confused.

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