Well I have a choice to make

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  • out4good3
    That also brings to mind a Youtube vid I watched recently called kissing Franks Ass, it is so much like the WTS!

    That is a great video. I posted it on a JW website once. They were not impressed.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If you do nothing and avoid them, they will probably DA you based on what you said.

    If you don't want to play their game, that is the easiest thing to do.

    If you don't want to be DA'ed, you could tape a letter to your door that says "Elders" or just hand it to them and shut the door. The letter could say, "I am desirous to stay a Witness. They have the truth, and my doubts were unfounded. Where else would I go?" Then go back to being yourself and never say anything that can get you DA'ed to two people and deny it when some elders ask if you said it to one person.

  • LV101

    HI ZIDDINA --- I PM'd you.

  • Igot2bme

    @Dogisgood- I tell you I was kicking myself after they left for not putting up those no trespassing signs. The one elders sister came to my house 2 weeks not to come see me but to see my daughter and recruit her! I thought about getting those signs then. Instead I sent my husband out to talk to her, she hasn't been back since!LOL!

    @FoundSheep-It would be cool if it sunk in, my hope is that they went home and did some research on what was discussed.

    @Out4good3-They ignored me for 10 years they finally come to question me after I started working for myself as a tattoo artist. I have a disabled husband and a teenage daughter that I take care of. I started my profession when I got hurt on the job and eventually lost my job and was laid up for 4 months, they didn't even care to stop by or call. They don't care when I am struggling just when I am doing something they feel is bringing negative attention to them. I don't feel so bad not being here when they show up.

    Posting that vid on a JW website that is funny! Some people have no sense of humor!

    @OnTheWayOut- I figured they probably will cut me loose if I don't give them a letter, but I could live with that. A few years back my friends, a husband and wife were DA'd by the same cong. Thing is they didn't even write a letter, the elders told everyone that she and her husband did, they flat out lied to the congregation! They will probably do the same thing to me.

  • Retrovirus

    Igot2bme, two things stood out here

    They told me that my mother in law said I didn't want to have anything to do with the witnesses anymore


    The one elders sister came to my house 2 weeks not to come see me but to see my daughter and recruit her

    Congratulations on your great response to the elders, and with an org like that, what do you have to lose?

    All the best in your free life, Retro

  • LV101

    igot2bme --- admire your strength! too bad members on this board can't show up (not that you need anyone) and help those being bullied by these evil losers. it'd be great if you could call one of your local TV news reporting cos. where people take their complaints against companies and tell them you're being persecuted by the world's 2nd largest publishing house. i'm so sick of religions having rights -- i know, i know, it's what our country bla bla bla and the unfair justice says no one is forced to stay --- if people ONLY KNEW!!!!!!

    don't forget about pro bono legal help out there (if you don't have funds to blow on legal man) --- some big hitter law firms donate time/legal work in some cities/states. this board needs to somehow, someway, get journalists and law schools involved in all this evil. so sorry you are having to deal with this garbage.

  • trailerfitter

    Hi I read your post like I do with all who have doubts hoping one day soon my partner will come to the same conclusion. This is related however I have never been in the JWs luckily ....Until last yeart I was a truck mechanic and actually liked the job. I stopped because of the situation with my employer and realised I was after 25 years not getting anywhere and was being used. The only prize to end up with at the end of the working life was being a cripple so I decided to stop and change my career. I am at college learning something new. I get yearings to go back to work, it was my worth and my pride and it is easy to forget the bad and just remember the best bits.

    You do have a chioce in this world and after centuries of fighting for rights against religious dogma and even oppression you have the right to be human...don't let them think otherwise. Te WT would want to wind the clock back and initiate witchhunts if they could... we do not need that we are not guilty of any major sin!

    I have become atheist after coming into contact with the JWs but wasn't into god really at all. I wish you all the best in your choice.

  • sizemik

    It makes me think of this song . . . discreetslave

    Interesting ds . . . there's more than a little speculation that MJ's JW experience inspired that song . . . the lyric seems too coincidental.

    If you feel up to it Igot2bme . . . "announce" it your way . . . it may even touch just one person harbouring doubt. Added to that . . . you can be sure you won't be hassled again.

    Unfortunately even if some understand and sympathise . . . they won't say so . . . they're not allowed to.

  • irondork

    sizemik: Others see it as pandering to their rules and requirements.

    Black Sheep: Giving them a letter just reinforces their delusion that they are important.

    I thought of this before writing my DA leter but decided to write it anyway because I wanted to expose, probably what they already knew. But I cast them in with the rest of religion by refering to the elders as "clergy", the information from the "platform" "pulpit", stating I was leaving in cimpliance with Jehovah's admonition to "get out of her" and a reference to them being an element of Religion, Inc.

    I wish I still had that letter. I posted it here once and then rewrote it and never saved it.


  • irondork

    ahem... "letter"

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