Well I have a choice to make

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  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Also a great job Anony Mous. It takes a lot of courage to meet with them and take the steps you are taking.

  • Igot2bme


    @Sizemilk- I agree with you and Scully. I decided not to write the letter, plus I don't think I will be at home. I still have a few things to do before I exit and I will exit on my terms or they can DF me but I will not give them a letter of resignation.

    @Pams Girl- Thank you, I will definitly do that! I have received alot of great advice and I will heed it for sure. I am so glad that I have joined this forum! The Phillip Morris company is a tobacco company and the WTS owned stocks in that company for about 3 years until they were exposed they then sold them off. I said to the elders that I wouldn't take a job in a tobacco company because my consceince would of bothered me plus I could get DF'd, but why could the WTS own stocks in Phillip Morris? No response, to that. I said if you don't believe me look it up it is public record!

    @Black Sheep-HaHa!!! So true! I thought about how disfuctional, sad and low this so called Christian religion is and how people gossip and send elders your way like they are getting more brownie points with god for telling on me! That also brings to mind a Youtube vid I watched recently called kissing Franks Ass, it is so much like the WTS!

    @Aguest- Thank you, and I will make it that much harder for them. I too am hoping that they research this info as well. It was kind of sad to watch them because they couldn't even defend thier own faith that they have given everything for!


    they said that they needed me to come to a descision to DA myself, or stay in the Org.

    You owe them Nothing..Give them Nothing..



  • discreetslave

    Unless you take back what you said about the org they will disfellowship you. They have their two to three witnesses (your mother in law, the 2 elders) to act on you. Here's something you could do.

    See if you can buy some time tell the elders you need time to reflect on everything. Write a letter explaining why you no longer want to be a JW & distribute it in person, by email, and mail to as many as you can. Don't respond any further to the elders. Whatever they do to you is meaningless you already disfellowshipped them a long time ago.

    Thinking about they way they approached you is that what a shepherding call is supposed to be. They weren't there at all for your benefit. It makes me think of this song


  • discreetslave

    Shout out to you too Anonymous good job

  • Igot2bme

    @Iquit- Thank you, and yes I don't think I could mentally keep up with living the lie. I really hammered the point home to them was how this is a money making corparation masked in a religion. The people that used to be my friends already ignore me, I have also cut off the ones who would call me and count me for time. I had three sisters who would come to my house or call me just to use me for time!

    @JamieBowers-I am shocked that they gave me a choice to considering all I had said to them. I am very sorry that happened to you, and yes it is a very vile corporation. I brought out to the elders how I felt that the Org treats sisters just how J. Ruthaford did, with contempt, and also how they treat victims of abuse. I told them that the Org is no better than the religions that they condemn. If god was truly with them they wouldn't treat thier most vunerable people that way!

  • Igot2bme

    @Outlaw- Right on!

    @Discreet Slave- Good idea! I am so going to do that! I believe in going out with a BANG! I want to tell my side of the story and let as many people as possible know why I am leaving and the org is a cult.

  • dogisgod

    I agree with Black Sheep. I wouldn't give them a letter. Let them do what they want...like spit into the wind. They had NO power unless YOU give it to them. Hopefully the younger guy will let your info sound down and he will begin to think and reason. I just walked away,, I never sent a letter, I put a 6ft chain link fence around my property with a lock. My friends call it my "witness protection program" (actually the fence was to protect my pets). I added this sign that is a copy of a used target practice that says, Nothing in this house is worth dying for. The last time and elder came by I did talk to him. I gave him several reasons why I felt the jws. He returned and sat out in his Humvee flashing his lights into my house. I just had a drink. He put a note on my fence. He wrote "I've been thinking about what you said all week. Carl" If he started to climb the fence it would have freaked me out. Thankfully he didn't. He actually is a very good man but he has a dominent wife and a really crazy daughter (in her 40or 50s) living with him. He can't get out.

    You don't have to please them or do anything for them. Just blow them off as they have you.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    good for you for saying all that. It's sad they seem to not know all the bad sides of the Org.. Maybe you gave them something to think about!


  • out4good3
    And after all was said and done they said that they needed me to come to a descision to DA myself, or stay in the Org. An elder will be by on Thursday to pick up my letter.
    Tell them if they want to come around and have a sensible conversation they are welcome, but you can't resign from something that doesn't exist. There will be no letter.
    Giving them a letter just reinforces their delusion that they are important.

    I would absolutely not give them anything in writing that would feed into their delusion that they have any control over what I do or that I owe them anything.

    Look at it this way....if they disfellowshipped you, and you asked for a letter from them to that effect, do you really think you'd get it?

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