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    Black Sheep
    Thing is they didn't even write a letter, the elders told everyone that she and her husband did, they flat out lied to the congregation! They will probably do the same thing to me.

    Don't give them a letter, then, if they pull the same stunt, tell them that the BOE are liars and that you give the Elders the OK to prove they have one by showing it to them.

  • flipper

    IGOT2BME- You handled this beautifully. Outlaw is right- you owe them nothing. I second his opinion. They are being controlling and intruding into your personal space and conscience - which is not their right to do. Just leave them twisting in the wind and avoid them totally. God knows the elders have left enough of us twisting and squirming in the wind before without informing us fully of our real rights as human beings. I've experienced that treatment myself from them. Please know and be assured of our friendship towards you and we are here for you if you ever want to talk. O.K. ? Hang in there sis. You are not alone . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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    Anony Mous

    Don't give them a letter, make them prove that you are doing wrong by their rules (2 eye witnesses etc.) and make it very hard when they do disfellowship you

    1) appeal, then they have to go through the whole spiel again

    2) talk to all your friends and ask them if you can say something in confidence, then just tell them what's going on and why you feel unfairly treated

    3) write an op-ed article in the local paper about disfellowshipping and how it makes you feel

    4) when they say you're finally disfellowshipped ask them when they'll announce it, then show up before the announcement and loudly declare:

    I am holding to my position that the witnesses in my case were false witnesses, that the trial was illegal and the judgment erroneous. You are false teachers like the pharisees, rather sticking to rigid rules than letting love lead you. May God have mercy on you.

    Whenever they DF me, I'll do that.

  • flipper

    BTTT, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Igot2bme

    @Irondork- I like the message that you passed on to the elders through your letter. I would like to write them one on why I left, about mine and others ill treatment there, as well exposing the hypocracy going on in the cong., ect. Even if they don't listen, which is a big possiblity, I would feel good knowing that I sent it.

    @Sizemilk-I know others there have delt with the garbage that has went on there, but they are scared and don't want to make trouble. I always let them know that they are welcome anytime to visit with me in confidence. I have a few sisters who I am in contact with that talk to me still.

    @LV101- Thank you, I will keep that legal avenue in mind, I have a feeling they will try to pull an underhanded trick on me. I know they have done it to others, but they never pursued it. I am currently in touch with a few of the ones who at one time attended my hall and were screwed over. I want to eventually sit down with them and run the newspaper, and legal department options over with them.

    @Retrovirus-Thank you, and your right I have nothing to lose but the chains they graced me with!

    @Trailerfitter-Thank you, I apprecate that. I am sorry for all you that you had to go through, it takes courage to take a step into a change like that. My hats off to you! I wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

    @Flipper, Blacksheep - I thought about what you and the others have said on this thread and I totally agree. They show up unannouced like I owe them something and then tell me that they are coming over demanding a response from me.I didn't even know what time to expect them. I spoke wih my husband and of course he has some very strong feelings about this cult as well because he feels that it ruined his family life and childhood growing up. He and I went to Ace's hardware and picked up some signs that read PRIVATE PROPERY KEEP OUT. He put them at the end of the driveway. We are going to watch and wait and see how it goes!

    Flipper- Thank you for you support and encouragment. I don't think that I would of made it through without you guys!

    @Anonymous- I am planning on being a big pain in their asses! They haven't heard the last of me! You hang in there too, my thoughts are with you Anonymous, stick to your guns and give them hell!!!!

  • Igot2bme

    As I am typing up responses, the elders pull into the start of my driveway and then they stop right where my husband posted the Private property signs. My husband and I are watching them as they sit there for a moment. They then slowly back up, turn around, and drive away! Wow, those signs work good, I wish I would of done that sooner!!!

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    ^^^ LOLOLOL!!!

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