I am out (finally) - done with the Witnesses

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I think I found DJEggNog. It's my father! I've been having long discussions over e-mail over the last few days. Here are some great tidbits:

    "I am a psychiatric social worker and that means that me, yes me can also look far beyond the issues"

    "In Belgium Pedophiles can no longer come into consideration for prayer or any task - isn't that better new light?"

    "Is there one thing that brings people closer to God? Are you just one time reminded of the good things the organisation has done? Who has uncovered the lies and thought us what cleanliness means and how to stand up for our beliefs in war regardless of persecution?" it goes on and on about the things the organization teaches us and that opposers don't teach us.

    "I want to answer your questions but I would like to know first why you feel hurt about the organisation"

    "Stop searching for faults in the organisation, all pieces in the organizational chain are human"

    "Humble yourself under the mighty hand of Jehovah"

    "Jehovah will continue leading us through an organisation that is human and makes mistakes and if we continue doing that in this system of things he will use the organization to lead us through Armageddon"

  • LongHairGal

    Anony Mous:

    I am very happy for you but it makes me angry to be reminded that the religion really does not want people to think for themselves. They would rather do the thinking for them.

    There was another thread on this topic started recently and in it I said that I always felt that JWs have to "check their brains at the door" even while I was active in the religion. Now, eleven years later, I couldn't even listen to their garbage.

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    Anony Mous,

    Brilliant! You have used the Bible and their own Insight book to prove your points. Having good manners demands treating everyone civily. As sizemik said, "they have no morally or scripturally sound argument to refute you with".

    I don't have reason to be mad at individual witnesses.

    This is a good point to keep in mind. Everyone still in the WT is under the mind control of the governing body. This is why your friend cannot process what you have just said but must take the fall back position of "us verses them". Maybe in time.

    Reopened Mind

  • OnTheWayOut

    Great that you are done. WOO HOO!!

    Just a thought or two:

    I won't be feeling bad because I sinned or because God will destroy my brother and my mother.

    Sin is a term that comes from religion. Even mentioning that you "sinned" indicates that you still feel bad about it. Forget it. Whatever you have done or will do, don't worry about what some religion thinks about it. That doesn't mean you will go crazy and have sex with strangers and become a cocaine addict. Let your own morals be your guide.

    I am not sure how you mean the second part. Do you now recognize that the idea of God destroying people is a JW thing or is it that you still think God will destroy them but you won't worry about it? Either way, put JW thinking behind you. If there were a God, he would not be the vindictive "Jehovah" of Watchtower. Just ask all the Jesus people here about how kind he is.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Good job Anoy Mous ! Wonderful talk . I am happy you now feel free . Be prepared though for some emotional ups and downs , it takes time to re-adjust .

  • Theredeemer

    Excellent job with the talk anony mous!! Hopefully some caught it and actually thought about it. I remember injecting some "provacative" biblical views into my talks. If there is anything I miss its being able to piss off some people with talks!haha

  • drewcoul
  • drewcoul

    Congrats......I wish I could have left on my own terms. That must be a wonderful feeling! I admire you and your courage.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    So what do YOU do when you're not wasting time at the KH. My first thing will be to do some house work that I was originally going to put off in order to go to the KH. I'll also program some personal stuff that I've been waiting on doing. What do you do with your mate to show them a good time?

    It's suprising how calm my family is about the whole thing. It's like they saw it coming and expected what I would do.

  • mrquik

    Congrats AM; You'll find every day out gets better and better. I really enjoy sleeping in on the weekends. I remarried a wonderful girl & have never been happier. After a while, (and it takes a while) the only emotion you'll be left with is pity for those still in.

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