I am out (finally) - done with the Witnesses

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  • NewChapter

    Nice talk Anon. Now, GET A LAWYER. Do NOT let yourself be bullied or fooled into missing out on joint custody. You will never forgive yourself. You have rights, and you must work now to assert them. Don't trust your wife. And if she withholds visitation now, without an order, it will not look good for her in court.

    But bold talk! Amazing. I don't know how I would have reacted if I heard that as a dub.


  • ziddina


    I've read the whole thread...

    Anony Mous, I was going to congratulate you on your exit, then I got to the point at which your wife and her family basically kidnapped your child...

    As Jamie Bowers stated above, I'd see a lawyer - pronto!!

    Heck, I'd even involve the police - as soon as possible, based on the advice of your attourney, of course.

    Having their arses handed to them, based on an "Amber Alert", might give them more than a thin veneer of respect for Caesar's Authority... PLUS, it would be much more significant to bring that out in court when fighting for custody of your daughter...

    Best of results in the difficult struggle and times that you have ahead of you...

    P.S. If I were in your shoes, I'd even play "Spy vs Spy"

    spy cat vs spy cat

    - pretend to be contrite and repentant, even returning to the KH if necessary, and THEN I would plan a much more COMPLETE escape... With my lawyer's cooperation, of course.

    ALSO!! Be sure to obtain a copy of the Watchtower publication on obtaining custody of children during a divorce, and give it to your lawyer so he/she can be better prepared to deal with "Theocratic Warfare"...

    I can't recall its title... I'll search and edit when I find it...


  • ziddina
  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Well, I told her my life story (and abuse) as a Witness - I never did before to anyone and things have been coming back to me lately - and it got through to her that I have my reasons and I'm not against her or any Witness and that I don't seek to change her or anyone (which I don't). I can't say very much publicly right now for fear of revealing too much about myself, maybe I'll post later when the storms have subsided.

    I told her that I'm going through some psychological issues because of the abuse and she understands that I said things I didn't mean. We agreed to raise our child according to biblical morals and to leave her with a choice later in life but that I, for now, would support her. She does not expect me to start returning as a Witness and would understand if I never do. I feel right now that I can never support the organization unless some major changes in policy happen as far as abuse, sexual abuse, judicial cases, ex-members and medical treatment choices. The biblical interpretation is irrelevant to me, all churches believe something different and who am I to say they're wrong?

    We'll see what happens over the next few weeks. I've been able to spend a lot of time with my child and her by myself (no oversight) though which is the most important thing and because of it, we've been able to communicate and things have returned to a level of normalcy. She is still not back in the home but at least it seems she's not afraid of me anymore as a loonie apostate and there is a chance that she will return.

    I've also opened up to people at my job and told them I was a member and that my wife had left and family started shunning me and they've been great as far as support goes. Those worldly people are genuinely caring. I've even been invited to someone's house for dinner.

  • sizemik

    Good news Anony Mous . . . you're doing it well.

  • etna

    I hope everything goes well for you AnnoyMous. As you can see, they are a cult and not Christ like at all.

  • jamiebowers

    I hope your wife finds the compassion that her family seems to lack. Good luck to you.

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