Do you give to beggars?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey, this young guy was waiting at a bus stop with me and my wife. He asked if I could spare a dollar so he could get a soda from the machine.
    He wasn't homeless, he just asked.

    I happened to have a cooler with me and there was a cold Coca-cola. I pulled it out and offered it to him.

    This guy says he prefers some other brand of soda. (I don't remember which.) So he asks for the dollar again.

    I said "Sorry, it's Coke or nothing." He went off to ask someone else.

    I have been handed the same story more than once by the same person. Here's one.
    "Sir, I flat ran out of gas and I am trying to get to Milwaukee, my mother went into the hospital. I will show you my driver's license, I will mail you the money back if you could help out with money for gas."

    "You asked me the exact same thing a week ago."

    Some of them even have a car with the hood up. They hope to score 10 or 20 dollars and will never mail it back. Most people would glance at their I.D. but not actually write it down. Even if they did, would they go to that house?

    Stuff like that makes me stick to helping people I know.

  • AGuest

    Jimini Cricket. I mean, sometimes, a body just wants to buy a pack of cigarettes. So, okay, I don't smoke, but what do I care if THEY smoke? Or drink? It's a dollar. Or a quarter. Or... When somebody starts to tell me what they want it for, I stop them and tell them, "You don't have to explain to me." I mean, they need a dollar. Or a quarter. Or five dollars. For what? I don't care! For whatever they need it for. Do they really owe me an explanation... for a dollar?? Goodness, I would hate to need a dollar for anything... and have to humiliate myself not only by asking, but explaining what I need it for (and, yes, I've had to ask at some point during my lifetime, as well as have seen some people ask, "What do you need it for?" or "You're not gonna spend it on "x", are you?"). Why should I CARE... if it's just some change or a dollar? That SO smacks of WTBTS indoctrination ("That could have gone in the donation box, Sister, if YOU didn't need it!"). Seriously?

    Now, if they told me they wanted it for a soda... and I didn't HAVE a dollar... but had a soda... sure, I'd offer them a soda. If they didn't want that, "Well, that's all I HAVE, dear, sorry it's not what you want/need." And I'm done.

    But goodness, I just can't see getting all head up over a dollar, truly. I mean, I've seen hard times... and have been without even a dollar TO give. But if I HAD a dollar...

    Goodness gracious... what a flashback to field service I just had! {{{{{Shudder}}}}}

    SA, who knows what it's like to run out of toilet paper (and has such a fear of it that she buys in bulk before the current stash even begins to get low)... and wouldn't wish that on anyone... and so would prefer that folks DON'T tell her what they need it for, but just say "thank you" and move on. And yes, some of these folks just want to buy a roll of toilet paper, but would they really TELL anyone that? Would YOU?

  • Iamallcool

    I used to give money to few beggars, but I have not done it for awhile.

  • designs

    I've handed out T-shirts to guys standing by the Freeway Offramps, food and cash to others but usually its best to support your local Food Banks and Shelters.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I volunteered with the homeless in a couple of church ministries. Also, I moved into the first renovation in the East Village. There was rampant street prostitution and drug dealing right outside my door. My parents never gave money. I don't give money. I do donate to a church or local agency. Sometimes I've offered to buy them coffee, or whatever they say it is for. I stopped offering b/c of the hostile reactions.

    It tears me apart. When I went out on dates, I noticed that most men my age give copious amounts of cash.

    I grew up next to an area where young children think school glue is ice cream. Bkfst is an orange popsicle. I wish there were a better way.

    One thing I've wanted to do but never did was find out how much money of my church pledge went to charitable purposes of helping the poor, rather than building maintenance.

    There is a group called Heifer International that allows you to donate male and female livestock to 3rd world families. Sometimes family members receive a classy looking certificate that 1/2 of a good cow has been donated in their name. People love this gift!

  • tec

    I'm with all of those who give without judging. If someone asks me for something, and I have it, I will give it. Spend it on whatever you want - the whole 2-5 dollars that I might have on me. Once I give it, it becomes yours to do with as you will. I would also rather give to someone who is being dishonest, than not give to someone who IS in need.

    That's punishing the innocent for what the guilty are doing.

    I love your son's 'bum run', Shelby. I'm going to tell people about that. We have a program here (well, we have a lot of programs here), in which a group takes a homeless person out for a meal. I know about it because I work in a restaurant, and they were by a couple months ago.



  • Quarterback

    I admire what some have done in volunteering, and giving. I try to do both, offer food, or some money. I know that I am being con'd by some, but, it's hard to determine whether they really need help. I work in a social work, and sometimes I feel for these people, especially the one's battling some addiction. But, the help given I know is not going to be enough to buy alchohol, or drugs. $2.00 will only carry you so far.

    I used to work downtown in a large city, and come accross beggars every day....I didn't give all the time.....

    I do feel that some choose this way of living, if you are in Canada. Canada has great programs for the poor.

  • AGuest

    MUAH to you,dear Tams (the greatest of love and peace to you!).

    YOUR servant, sister, and a slave of Christ,


  • mouthy

    Yes I do give a couple of bucks.If I am being conned >Pity

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I taught sign for hearing people at MacKay back in the late 80s after I left the JWs. We had the deaf group in our hall and asked for people to learn SEE so we could interpret for them. I learned from one of the deaf JWs. I would spend my days there until my eyes were bleary and my mind befuddled but within 3 months I was up interpreting small parts. I signed from 1976 until I left in 1985. Then had some work for the gosh forgot he name in Frnech but Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Mtl. I also did interpreting for college students and a few other things. But then I went to college and got busy with other things and people had to be certified and I just didn't have the time for it.

    --- back on topic ----

    I could so easily have sat in my wheelchair and looked pitiful and got some extra change. But it was dishonest6. I didn't have a lot when I was living in a shelter. And I certainly had to be very careful about how I spent my money. Meanwhile I watched other people come and go and waste their money on drugs or booze or gambling. Canada has a pretty good safety net for people. It is far from perfect. But I have been on both sides of this fence and food is one thing - money nope

    Disability in this province is great. I'm not living in luxury but I have what I need. I certainly won't be out on the corner with my cup.

    Which reminds me. When I was in Mtl there used to be a man with MD who sat in his wheelchair most of the day in the Ville Marie Metro station. He was too disabled to get there minself so someone woudl drop him off in the morning and leave him there all day. And I suspect that person kept the money that perople dropped into this man's cup. I have no idea why the police never arrested the person who brought him there. In my mind that was pure and simple abuse of a disabled person.

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