Do you give to beggars?

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  • watersprout

    Shelby (peace to you) I love the ''bum run''... Sounds great!

    I always give, I empty my purse. I don't want to know what they are going to spend the money on, nor do I care. You can usually tell those that are truly in need just by looking in their eyes. You see the pain, they look haunted. Even if I have been conned it still doesn't bother me cause karma has a way of biting ones ass!

    Someone said to Carrot that you shouldn't give money to the homeless because they will spend it on booze. Carrot replied ''so, that's all I spend it on'' lol.

    Babysprout has followed my example and I have been talking to her walking and I look round and she's standing by a homeless person emptying her purse... She always comes back with a big grin on her face and says how warm and fuzzy it makes her feel. She has reduced many a homeless person to tears.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I don't agree with the bleeding hearts who think it doesn't matter what they spend the money on. To me, it does. I've worked hard for that money, it's not by luck that I have a job or work hard, so if I give money I have the right to be concerned where it goes.

    There are some bums who are known alcoholics and you know exactly where the money will go. If they want to kill themselves with alcohol that's their business, but if I give them money it becomes my business, and I don't want my money to be spent on alcohol.

    If they need food, or a blanket, I'd happily contribute, but not money for alcohol.

    Not that I have a huge amount of money to spare, anyway. If and when I do, I contribute to local charities such as the Salvation Army or the Red Cross who look after those needing food and shelter.

  • Violia


    I am not a bleeding heart, but stuff happens to all of us. I have lived long enough to know that . One day your life is great, next day you may be living in a cardboard box under the freeway and eating out of the trash.

    I recall in 04 my hubby and I stopping at a 7-11. We were on our way to counseling session and a very disheveled man was just wandering around the store. The local day workers were heckling him. I went in the store bought a couple of sandwiches and couple bottles of something to drink. I had to stand there and watch him b/c the hecklers were tormenting him about the food. I ran them off and stood there until he ate. I was just beyond mad. I would not have given him any money b/c those guys would have taken it from him- such was this man's mental state. I got to the counseling session and cried through it while my husband said " he's a bum on the street..." This poor man had been reduced to an animal. This is the USA, not a third world country. what the hell?

  • ohiocowboy

    SizemikGood on you for volunteering for those in need!!!

    Usually when I give to a homeless person, I will give money before they ask, or at times when they don't ask, but I can tell that they are down and out. If I see one or two homeless sleeping under an overpass or on a bench, I or my Partner Dave will pull over, I will get out and walk up and hand them some $$$ and tell them to go buy what they want with it. They usually are very surprised and very thankful. It is fun doing things for others when they are not expecting it.

    One of the bad experiences I had was walking to Mc Donalds and ordering a few cheeseburgers to bring home. As I was walking home, a guy came up to me and asked for some money, but I instead reached in and handed him a cheeseburger. As soon as I handed it to him, he threw it on the ground and made some comment that was hard to understand and then he walked away. I was more cautious about giving food after that.

    One other time when I was in Philadelphia on Xmas eve, I decided to hand out a little $$$ to some of the homeless, as there were a great many at the time and I felt bad that they had to sleep over heat ducts in the sidewalk. I went to a store and got change in $5 bills, and randomly went up to some of the people and gave them a $5 for X-mas. They were all so thankful, with one lady even crying, all except for one guy who decided that $5 was not enough to give him, and would not leave me alone and kept trying to follow me and ask me for more. I told him I had no more and he started yelling, getting irate and calling me a White boy Fa**ot as well as a few other choice names. I started to get scared, and fortunately I was able to make my way to a WaWa convienience store and go inside so he would stop following me. I told the clerk what happened and he told me how uncool I was for doing what I did and how thankful I should be that I didn't get robbed or worse. I was in my mid 20's at the time, and I didn't think that things could turn out badly like it did. I always make sure now that there is someone with me if I decide to go up to anyone I don't know again.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Very seldom do i give money, but i have been known to buy homeless people a meal. Something that i feel i should do more of after reading some recent articles on them.

    I did have one lady ask for money for a bus fare and i told her that i would rather buy her food if she was hungry... she was and i bought her a modest meal of her choosing. Later that evening i saw her in the casino at the slot machines, no doubt spending the 'bus fares' she had collected through the night.

    One must realize that a good many homeless people or street beggars are also trying to feed various addictions such as gambling or drugs. Some, but not all. But it does no good to judge them... they are people and need help none the less.

    Oversees i have read of people being deliberatly maimed so as to be a beggar and turn of a lot of money over to the beggar 'pimp'.


  • watersprout
    Oversees i have read of people being deliberatly maimed so as to be a beggar and turn of a lot of money over to the beggar 'pimp'.

    I went to Portugal when I was 11 and the parents would make the kids beg. They would have ripped clothes on and no shoes... It was horrible. They would follow us crying and pleading. It was really hard for me to ignore them, but we were told they were being ''pimped'' out by their parents. I remember asking what happens if they go home with nothing. I was told that if they went home with nothing they were beaten, so would stay out until they had money to take home. We were warned if we gave those children anything we would be hounded and followed everywhere. It was horrible... These kids parents made a good living off their children. Shocking!


  • punkofnice

    I have given useful items to beggars but not money.

    I do work for a local charity for the homeless. Many are migrant workers and many are teenagers that are out of orphanages and given a flat to live in but have no idea how to sort their lives and bills out. Some are people that just don't fit into mainstream society. 99.9% of those I help are polite and grateful............and genuinely in need.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    Thanks everyone for your input. I found all of your comments interesting, whilst searching my own heart.

    Lady Lee : Interesting experiences. There was no reason to be on the street begging for food. Maybe it would be good to find out local aid centers and help out or give to them.

    Dontplaceliterature: I was only going to use it for junk food...same as him probably. Good point. We all do “ waste” a lot of money which would really help someone who was really hungry.

    Aguest: I made a vow that if my situation changed, I would never judge such people negatively again... because I just don't know what their situations are. A very commendable attitude. God bless you.

    Sd-7: I wonder what Q would say if he read this thread... I really liked this thought provoking comment. I do like the idea that as a society we should evolve socially. Unfortunately, evolution seems to be a slow process.

    White Dove: I've been homeless with a baby before I hope things have worked out for you. And you’ve just reminded me: my wifes second cousin lived on the streets for two years. Had a baby too. I really must talk with her. Thanks.

    Diest: Giving money to local support groups is better.

    No Room For George: Interesting story you related there. Thanks for the time.

    Donuthole: God makes it rain on the wicked and the righteous. Jesus gave himself for millions who will never appreciate it or acknowledge it. I quite liked that observation.

    MrFreeze : If you are doing something, like playing an instrument, I will throw some money your way. Then again, that is not begging. That is working as a street performer. Good point. At least they are doing something.

    charlie brown jr: thanks for the video.

    Sizemik: Yes, there are other ways of giving that we can look into. PS have you seen any penguins lately?

    Oompa : very very is almost like sex....there has to be a chemical attraction???.....anyway.....i gave last week......first time in ages.. I’m with you there. We is it we sometimes think: “aww, go on. Why not?

    Watersprout: Wow. That’s where we were. Very kind people in general though.

    Sorry if I haven’t replied to everyone. I have read all your posts though. Thanks again for your input.

  • dm6

    i actually used to do this on a regular basis.

    It made me feel good knowing i have helped some poor fellow begging for his survival.

    This one guy would be out all day begging, but he looked so clean cut. I ignored it and always had a chat gave him some cash about 5 or ten pounds a time, and say god bless you and be on my way.

    Turns out this guy had money already coming in from the welfare system, and his begging was basically his job.

    I felt cheated knowing there are people who genuinely need that 5 pound to last them as long as possible, as opposed to this guy who probably spent it on a beer or a bet down the local bookies.

    I havent given money away since, but thats actually because i havent seen any beggars since.

    New Zealand is such a clean country who look after there own.

  • finallysomepride


    you are in new plymouth? my hometown, I have not seen many there either during my visits. However in Auckland that's a different story, at night in the CBD one will be asked for money regularly if one should visit later in the evening, when I lived there & worked in Newton I was asked almost daily for money.

    There should no need for it, as most plp without an adequate income can realy on social welfare payments.

    Many living on the street in Auckland are actually mentally impaired and 30 years ago would have been institutilised


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