Do you give to beggars?

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    Lady Lee --- in all fairness to wontleave, i have to admit i know many who are scamming the system (in one way or the other) --- healthy individuals who learn how to use the system in the U.S. they have a sense of entitlement like spoiled kids who always expect handouts when adults, and it's unbelievable!!! it's very disheartening when you know men/women who are very industrious and working hard to provide for themselves/families. the social security fraud (i'm not referring to the ones who are legitimately handicapped or ones that are really entitled) is a joke here. people learn about tax free disability and they are off and running. i think it's easy for humans to be lazy especially if there's entitlement packages and easy ways out and they hear about them.

    unfortunately those who desperately need help suffer when they should be receiving REAL assistance and it makes me sick.

  • Violia

    the only time we were out of work was during the Carter years . One night we had to put a $1 of gas in our car and give the attendant our name and address and phone number . We had no other choice.We did return in less than 2 weeks to pay him. He was very hate filled and arrogant. He could have called the police , I guess I should be grateful.

    BTW, we felt so sick having to do this. We were out picking up cans , mowing lawns , etc anything to bring in money. I spent up to 8 hours a day on the phone each month looking for an agency that would pay our light bill that month. There were not a lot of places that just handed out food. One place let us get a few bags of groceries and looked at us like we were scum for doing so.( I recall the walls had threats from the Bible all over them " he that does not work does not eat" etc) Most of the food had been on the shelves for a long time and it was like rice a roni and some of it had bugs in it. Yes we were leading the high life. Our kids had to hope their friends families would let them eat . We went hungry, right here in the USA. My husband took any job that came his way . The Congo offered no help b/c we were viewed as bad association and possible apostates due to our kids having problems. So they offered no assistance but threatened us if we took help from the churches, I kid you not. We could not get food stamps until the very end and dear gawd you should have seen the hateful look on the worker who gave them to us. We could not qualify for assistance b/c we owned a car or something equally stupid. It can be very hard to qualiy for assistance, even with 0 income.

    the state agencies goal was to deny us help , I can assure you of that. We also were subjected to racial slurs b/c of getting food stamps. More than once federal/state agency workers would make comments about our acting like "blacks " or some even used the N word. Actually, during Hurricane Ike family members were displaced and on a call to the hotlines we asked what help was available and someone said " the only folks who are using Fema here are blacks -- you black?" ( btw, that was not a question meant to be helpful) I was speechless.

    Finally after a 1 1/2 years he found a job . It is not easy to be down and out in the USA. We survived but even now we have some ptsd over it.

  • LV101

    Violia -- i'm so sorry for the misery the country you contributed taxes to treated you this way --- not to mention the evil congregation not coming to your aid. i would have gone to all the churches professing to be "christian" for help/assistance. gotta love the watchtowers' love of brother/neighbor - OMG!

  • Violia

    Thanks LV, we still get flashbacks regarding this. I never believe all that nonsense about people living the high life on food stamps and welfare .I know we sweated blood just to stay alive. It is fair that we work, we were young and healthy and could work. I shiver to think of this happening now. People would say " get a job" but there were no jobs during Carter's years. He ruined the economy and we were waiting in gas lines. Heavens I get chills thinking about it.

    so,Won't leave, take any crappy attitude you want toward those who are out of work or resort to begging. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to stay alive. As I said in previous post, we put that $1 worth of gas in our car -knowing we could not pay for it. I know the guy could have called the cops, but had it been me working I'd have just pitched in the $1 and said 'forget it". He was all high and mighty , but we had to get home and we did leave him our names and contact number and we did pay him back. We were afraid to put more than $1 b/c he really would have probably called the police. I'll never forget how we felt, like low life scum and that is how folks looked at us.

    I know we should have gone to the churches but we did not. I was threatened by the congo if we did this. One elder privately did pay our light bill one month ( it was during a long hot summer too) and one sister did come by with some food one time. It was a very bad year and a half and I'll never forget it.

    This is why I always give to those who need help.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Won't leave,

    Sounds like you live a very sheltered life and choose to believe all the stereotypes about homeless people.

    It also sounds like you got your degree in homeless education from Hollywood U.

    You need to obtain three things:

    1. an education about the world in which you live

    2. some empathy to feel how others feel

    3. some selflessness to start giving to those less fortunate than you.

    Oh yes, and you need to become the Tin Man.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    You are talking about a minority of people who misuse the system. Believe me people have to go through plenty of hoops so they can qualify for assistance. Read Viola's story. That happens far more than what you suggest - far more.

    BTW to get assistance from a church you do NOT have to profess to be a Christian. You have to need it and they give it with a lot less grief than the gov't workers.

    The media makes a big fuss out of those who cheat the system. They don't talk too often about those who need the hand up instead of the hand out.

  • Robdar

    Yes, I do give to beggars. A Guest eloquently stated my reasons for doing so on page one of this thread.

  • Robdar


  • tec

    BTW to get assistance from a church you do NOT have to profess to be a Christian. You have to need it and they give it with a lot less grief than the gov't workers.


    Viola, I'm so glad you came through that ordeal, and so glad that you shared it. Hopefully, some who don't understand, will think twice after hearing you.

    Peace to you,


  • LV101

    SORRY - TEC -- I worded that all wrong --- i meant any so-called church claiming to be a christian church --- not anyone coming to the church professing to be a christian for help. but, thankfully, one doesn't have to profess to be christian to receive help/aid. thanks for catching that for me.

    It's embarrassing such a wealthy country like US would not provide adequate aid to a family. Ooops, just read Lady Lee's post above --- unfortunately, i know more people than i care to think about that have ripped off the system. you would not believe!!!!! and then honest-hearted, desperate people come along and can't get help and how hard is it for them to verify the facts here. if you can't find work you can't buy your own food - DUH! i certainly hope this has changed since Carter's days. what an unfair system here and it makes me sick. i've had cleaning people who go to food banks and tell me about the expensive-types of whole-grain bread they pick up for free and they've also told me they are in the positions they are in because they've been LAZY. i always give them the benefit of the doubt and really think they've given up in the rat race --- maybe a cop out but life is very difficult/unfair and people throw the towel in.

    Lady Lee -- i worded that all wrong/thanks for catching. thank goodness there are religions and organizations that help people.

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