Do you give to beggars?

by jean-luc picard 101 Replies latest jw friends

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    If I have food on me I give it to them.


    Not a chance..

    Like Lady Lee I`ve been conned..

    A guy came up to me and told me he was hungry..

    I gave him money for a Burger..

    A few minutes later..

    I found my begger in a convertable car with the top down,counting his money..

    I watched him give it to his buddy,who promptly went into the liquor store with it..


  • Violia

    yes I give whatever I can . I do not judge b/c one day that may be me.

  • AGuest

    I give food, blankets, money (whatever I can spare, which is not limited to my change)... whatever my Lord directs me to share, dear JLP (peace to you!). Those I give food to are SO grateful, they make me want to cry. Sometimes, we cry together (I remember one night I stopped into Togo's to get my husband a sandwich and was approached by a woman who asked me if I could "find it in [my] heart" to buy her family a sandwich to split. She said her husband had just lost his job and she had been out of work for some time - she was a former hairdresser who had circulation problems and so couldn't stand long anymore. When I asked her how many people were going to share the sandwich, she said herself, her husband... and five kids (two of which were teenagers!). I began to tell her about public assistance and she said, yes, they had already applied but wouldn't receive any for another couple of weeks due to her husband's last paycheck. I bought her five sandwiches, all "family size"... because when I asked her what they were going to eat for breakfast, she said they would worry about that at breakfast. My heart broke for her.

    Those I give money to... I do not concern myself with what they do with it - that's on them, not me. My reason for giving is because I believe it's not up to me to decide what a person's true situation is... and I say that from personal experience. As a young mom, I once had to spend time in a shelter and eat at a soup kitchen for several weeks (due to circumstances really beyond my control at the time - I had lost my job due to childcare issues and so couldn't pay my rent). Yes, I had relatives and friends that I SHOULD have been able to stay with... but because I had chosen to become a JW... none would help me (I had been literally been disowned by my family and "friends" because I chose to study with JWs). So, because of this I saw... and experienced... how people view and treat people who are "down on their luck." I made a vow that if my situation changed, I would never judge such people negatively again... because I just don't know what their situations are.

    My situation not only changed fairly quickly... but a set of what I view to be "miracles", which included receiving a LOT of money, brought on that change. I went from something, albeit little... to absolutely nothing... to much more than something afterward. But I am grateful for that time of nothing... because it helped me "adjust" my view of others. As a result, I have NO problem sharing my "surplus", and, at times, my "all"... none at all.

    And I have learned that EVERY time I've given... I have received back... at least double. Every... single... time. So, it has ALWAYS worked out to benefit ME, as well as those I have given to.

    Do not close your heart... or your hand... dear one. Telling someone to "go away and be wellfed"... when you've given them nothing to make this so, although you have the means... is a denial of love.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    I agree with the majority of you, who, having had bad experiences, are discouraged from giving.

    However, I am more and more aware that there are a lot of genuine people in dire straits.

    I wish it were easy to tell the difference. Whilst on holiday recently, I did give some to one old man. He didnt have any feet. Both were cut off at the ankle.He couldnt speak my language, but the warm smile he gave me was worth every penny I gave him.

    Many of you have made very valid points. Forgive me for only citing one, but I'm off to work soon:

    Cant save the world, but a little human kindness goes a long way

    Too true Paula.

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    I like your point too Violia. Was posting just at the same time as you.

    and thanks for sharing your experience too Aguest.

  • Violia

    I hope if/when it is me that is needing help others will help me. I believe in karma, or the golden rule.

    I try not not to judge others as there are many ways to end up homeless and without money and support.

  • sd-7

    It's odd, Captain Picard. May I call you Jean-Luc? I was thinking about the exact same issue. I often encounter beggars as I come out of a local convenience store. I sometimes give, sometimes don't. I don't really have a lot of money to work with, but I feel guilty if I don't give. But I don't give to someone who smells of alcohol or is smoking a cigarette in front of me--it's obvious that my money is put to better use on myself rather than on a nonessential habit of theirs.

    I'd prefer to give food but I don't really carry anything with me for that purpose. One man was uncomfortable receiving food that wasn't freshly bought from the store. Guess it is possible someone could poison it, stick a razor blade inside, etc.'s a moral dilemma for me. I don't think it's right to enable a person by giving when maybe they don't really deserve it. But I have no way of knowing what they're about. I feel like a sucker for giving, at the same time, as I know all too well about being taken advantage of by the undeserving.

    So my answer is, yes and no.

    I wonder what Q would say if he read this thread...


    I wish it were easy to tell the difference. Whilst on holiday recently, I did give some to one old man.
    He didnt have any feet. Both were cut off at the ankle.He couldnt speak my language,
    but the warm smile he gave me was worth every penny I gave him.

    He probably tried to give someone a Helping Hand and they Stole his Feet..


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I've been homeless with a baby before, and let me tell you, what I wanted was FOOD!

    Best not enable a con. Just offer food and a blanket, if you have it to give.

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