Im being disfellowshipped

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  • newcomer1982

    I was supposed to go to a judical meeting on sat but i told the elders i wasnt going but they held it anyway. Its going to be announced that im going to be disfellowshipped at the weekend. Hate the fact my parents wont talk to me anymore. I hope they will still see their grandson though. Its been such a stressful experience. I feel like ive been put on trial.

  • Eclectic

    I am sorry for that situation. It could happen to me as well, it depends on what means apostasy to my elders. Receive all my support! You are not alone!

  • newcomer1982

    Thanks. Its a hard time.

  • Bangalore

    All the best. It is horrifying the way the WT wrecks families.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You are being put on trial by a bunch of people who are insane.

    That is not slur on your character. It is something to be proud of.

    Welcome to the forum


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I hope they will still see their grandson though.

    They will want to teach your son that god is going to kill you for not being a Jehovah's Witness.

    Before you let your son have unsupervised contact with them, you should teach him critical thinking skills. That way, there is more chance that he will extract them from the cult than there is of them teaching him that you are Satan's minions and a danger to his future.

    JWs are not the only cult actively recruiting your children. Protect your kids from all of them.


  • Ding

    Black Sheep makes a very good point.

    I'm all for grandchildren seeing their grandparents, but not in a setting in which the grandparents will be trying to poison their minds against the parents and suck the grandchildren into the borg.

    As a parent, you -- not your parents -- have the right to determine your children's religious upbringing.

    It appalls me when people treat their own children like scum because of a cult and then demand that those same children grant them unfettered access to the grandchildren.

    If you choose a mind control organization over your own family, don't complain about the consequences of your actions; don't complain about the limited contact you have with your own grandchildren.

  • designs

    You are not alone, you have a big new family. All the best.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Congratulations are in order in most cases. I know it's not really a happy thing for you because of family, though.

    So, strength to you.

  • TheListener

    Every situation is different. I'm glad you'll be free and I hope you are cautious about letting your son hang out with your parents.

    I also know how dificult it can be when family shun you and you feel the pressure of those you use to be friends with in the congregation condemning you.

    Hang in there and continue to grow as a person; making new friends and having new experiences.

    Good luck!

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