Im being disfellowshipped

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Congratulations! I realize it is going to be a very rough transition. It sounds as though you decided they have no business interrogating you. You cut them off more than they cut you.

    I was terrified of not being active b/c of my extended family. They were long-term gung ho JWs. To my utter surprise, they constantly looked the other way, even when they discovered that I was doing more and more worldly things. Your parents may have a different slant when they are cut off from your son. Young children cannot discern different religious views from people they love.

    There is a wonderful life on the other side. Hopefully, your family may find practice harder than thinking about something abstract.

  • jamiebowers

    Hold your head up and realize the insanity of all of this. These vipers are df'ing you for an alleged "sin" when at the same time, they refuse to call the police when one of their so-called brothers commits crimes ike child sex abuse or domestic violence. It's all well documented, my new friend. Stick around and see just how vile this corporation is!

    Hate the fact my parents wont talk to me anymore. I hope they will still see their grandson though

    For the love of all that is holy, please don't permit any jw, family or otherwise, unfettered access to your child. Jws shunning you is teaching your child inhumane practices and disrespect. Aside from that, these loons will find it necessary to indoctrinate your child, not to mention the pedophiles that are running amok in this organization.

  • diamondiiz
    Hate the fact my parents wont talk to me anymore. I hope they will still see their grandson though.

    If your parents won't talk to you why in the world would you want your son to talk to them? If they view you as a stranger do likewise to them. Respect is earned not inherited. Just my personal opinion on family shunning.

  • newcomer1982

    Thanks for everyone's comments. My parents have always had alot to do with my son as im a single parent and when im at work they mind him after school. Its all new to me so will see how things go.

  • soft+gentle

    I'm so sorry disfellowshipping will affect you so badly. Is there any way to stop them disfellowshipping you? perhaps ringing the elders before it is too late and saying that you are seeking legal advice because disfellowshipping will affect your abiltiy to continue working? You can say that you anticipate that it will affect you mentally and emotionally to the extent that you may have to give up working altogther. I think that in your case it is better to fade than to allow them to disfellowship you without a fight.

    from what I have been reading here sometimes saying you are seeking legal advice stops the disfellowshipping process.

    Queenie C

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    There is/was no ugly side to Jesus Christ.

    Disfellowshipping is the WTBTS' ugly, repulsive and unloving side.

    I'm sorry that they have treated you in such an appalling way.

    It may be they don't deserve you. Wish you & your son well!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    There are some police departments that require its' officers to get shot by a taser gun prior to issuing them one. The goal is to help officers appreciate the pain that these restraint mechanisms inflict upon the recipient of the electric shock put out by the gun.

    I've often wondered how disfellowship happy some of these Elders would be if first they were required to go through the process of disfellowshipping themselves.

    The humiliation, embarrassment, shunning, the loss of ones' dignity and loss of family can be the worse pain one should ever have to experience. And it is this very pain that these power hungry disciplinarians need to live with themselves firsthand. They need also to know personnally how humiliating the reinstatement process feels like.

    I would give them less than one month before they would be begging for someone to lift the punishment, unlike the 9 months, to a year and in many cases much much longer that thousands of poor souls have been forced to endure over the years.

    Newcomer1982 my hope is that the God of all comfort helps you through this ordeal.

  • isojourn

    Hang in there newcomer. It is certainly painful at first... the potential loss of family and "friends". But things will work out. Keep your chin up. In time you will see you made a wise choice.

  • pbrow

    Congratulations!! What a great opportunity to show your family what true love is! I like and have used the suggestion personally to tell my family they are welcome at my home any time! Family dinner, sporting events whatever it is that you or your child do. I can certainly relate with losing contact w/ lifelong friends and family but beleive me, this is an opportunity. This is your opportunity to excercise your freedom in christ and this is the most important in my book, this will get your child out of the the witness bubble. To me that is more valuable than anything.

    ps, if I could also recommend putting a d/a letter in. You are legally a member of their group. Get yourself out, write a letter! Do not let three men in the back of a kingdom hall think that they are going to df you.

    Again, congratulations!

    freedom in christ,


  • allelsefails

    Interesting thoughts from everybody. We all have different ways of handling this kind of thing. I went to my JC got convicted of "apostasy", but was privately reproved..... WTF???? Anyway I did it on purpose so that I could maintain contact with my family (adult children, syblings, parents) also I work for and with witnesses that I like having free communication with as well. Technically I'm still "IN" but they leave me alone.

    We on this site are here for you. Many different beliefs and range of stories, but we understand and we don't judge. ( Almost never...)


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