onacruise - Craig Mills 1952-2011

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  • creativespirit

    I am stunned by this news, and so saddened.

    I used to come here regularly several years ago and posted under another name. I have since moved on and consider myself to be an "ex exjw".

    But every so often I check in, usually late at night (or very early morning) as it is now. So I have just read of this loss.

    Onacruise, Craig, truly stands out in my memory as one who was kind, compassionate, and so very thoughtful. We had several discussions here on this site and, as I was struggling with making peace with the past, Craig was always willing to respond and give feedback. I remember his openness, his big-heartedness, quest for the truth and desire to sift out what was truly important. In being human one never knows the deep effect you might have on another person; Craig truly touched my heart.

    This is truly a sad loss.

    My condolences to Kate; you were lucky and blessed to have had him as your mate.

  • bikerchic002

    Thanks Lee, I felt it was something Craig would have wanted. He found so much solace here on JWD he wold have wanted to thank those who cared enought to think about him.

    Doug it was so good to talk to you! You know Craig thought of you and AlanF as brothers and your friendships and conversations meant so much to him. You take care of yourself and lets keep in touch!

    Scully, yes he had an infectious laugh, a wonderful smile and a very warm hug. Hey I'm glad you got at least one out of three. ;-) Take care dear.


  • bikerchic002

    creativespirit: " My condolences to Kate; you were lucky and blessed to have had him as your mate."

    I truly know this and I know I am in such a much better place today for having Criag in my life. I'm not sure too many people can understand this, possibly only those who have gone through simular experiences. He gave me so much and he always said how much he loved coming home to my smiling face. He did make me smile. He was a very unique person that few took the time to know, one of a kind.

    I once wrote that Craig is the kind of man who could taste the salt of my tears and could always calm my fears. I miss him.


  • Farkel

    For the record and especially for the newbies, the "Doug" that Katie refers to in her posts is me.

    Craig and I were almost like brothers after a few years of spilling our guts out to each other. Kate was like the trusted sister for me.

    It all was good and even better than good. I'm a decent writer, but I do not think I could write convincinly how much Craig moved me and loved me and inspired me to be better. So I won't even try.

    The thing that made Craig special was that he inspired people by telling his stories about his life. After hearing those stories, one was hooked on Craig and one couldn't wait for his next story!

    There are not many people who knew Craig and Katie better than me, save for AlanF who I also know better than anyone else on this board.

    Farkel, Earned Some Creds CLASS

  • jgnat

    Whoever resurrected this thread, thank you. This happened during one of my "walkabout" phases, so I have been unaware all this time. I have also had the privelege of meeting Craig and Kate face to face.

    Whatever his inner demons, Craig had a first-rate mind. Given a kinder life, perhaps he would have come up with a "unified theory" of religion.

    Kate, my sincerest condolences.

  • 144001


    Thanks for bringing this to the top. I also recall Craig and enjoyed reading his posts. Kate, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for your loss, and hope things are going well for you and your family.

  • Scully

    Can't believe it's been three years already since Craig (onacruse) and Rick (animal) passed away.

  • Earnest

    In remembrance.

  • Earnest
  • Earnest

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