Earthquake at Bethel...mysterious Bethelite speaks up on significant concerns at world headquarters .

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  • shamus100

    Will he be communicating from the closet like Tom Cruise? :D

  • Wasanelder Once
  • Iamallcool

    Onthewayout said If such an announcement was made to "Bethelites" yesterday, we will hear about it soon enough and don't need fake Johnny to tell us.

    You got that right, if we do not hear from any more sources, then Johnny is a fraud.

  • betterdaze

    How much does the Watchtower bankroll Rick to sabotage apostates?

    "Yes, Masters, I have done all you commanded... and more.

    I launched a demonic-looking website, started my own pathetic home church,
    and my radio show is a train wreck of bad actors colliding with the mentally ill.

    I lie constantly and without letup, persecute Memorial attendees, rile up gays,
    and pick fights with teenage girls.

    When I'm not making up sh*t, every thing I touch turns to sh*t. I've even tarnished
    the reputations of key apostates! Bad association, Muah-ha-ha!

    Wiping my a$$ with the Bible, I am the worst example of a "Christian." In fact, the
    sh*t smear I put on exJW Christians is my tour de force!

    You wanted a cartoon stereotype to undermine your detractors, I'm your aposta-star.

    … And I deserve a raise, Masters. Take it out of Johnny's cut, the little snot
    upstaged me and this is the last time I'm trotting him out for you."


    Next week on Six Screens..

    Johnny the Bethelite gives us the Ground Breaking News on..

    "Erectile Disfunction in the WBT$ GB"

    Are the WBT$ GB just a Bunch of Limp Dicks?..

    Is the WBT$ GB..

    Looking for New GB Members?..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • badseed

    Johnny should be careful, he could get caught.

  • MrFreeze

    Good grief. Are you really bringing him back when he was determined to be full of it?

    Good grief. Are you really bringing him back when he was determined to be full of it?.....MrFreeze

    In Rick Fearons World..

    Nothing spells Success..Like Repeated Failures..

    NoBody believes any of the "Johnny the Bethelite" Six Screen Shows..

    Why would the Next Show be any Different?..

    Rick has a Hit Show on his Hands..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Gayle

    About a Bethelite calling on their phone in the closet,,well,,I think that is quite possible. Bethel life is like in a fish bowl. I was there '69-'74. Didn't have cell phones then, of course. However, you could overhear some times. Conversations are spoken in low tones is a way of life there. When I was in the 119 building they had intercoms in between rooms, basically a hole right in between with two little speakers and then with speaker plates. These were used just to inform you of a long-distance phone coming in for you to notify you to come down to the front desk; not a phone, not for inside phone calls. One time, through that intercom spot (didn't mean to, ahem) but I heard a conversation going on next door that was a little easy to overhear. Also, just walking down some hallways, as some were just tiled and doors about a 1/2 inch open spot from the floor, some times could easily hear their radio or television shows, especially "Star Trek" nights.

    Cell phones, are not easy to whisper into, just doesn't work usually. Sometimes I and many have a tendency to talk too loud to be heard. Do I think it is possible to talk on a cell phone there for a very private converation in the closet. Absolutely. Those are walk-in closets there.

    Just saying.

  • cantleave

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