Do You Think President Obama Takes Too Many Vacations?

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  • leavingwt

    Do any of them ever get a "real" vacation anyway?

    No. Wherever they go, they're working. They wake up to early morning national security briefings and they're constantly kept in the loop. Only when they retire can they catch a break. Even then, however, they have a security detail, etc.

  • NewChapter

    Yeah, I agree. We should be worrying about real things and NOT (edit) just taking every opportunity to jab at silly things.


  • designs

    Exactly, if you panned the camera you'd see the Secret Service and the staff that travel with him 24/7.

  • worldtraveller

    Obama 63 days so far. Reagan took double that and Bush light took double of Reagans.

  • Glander

    He doesn't take enought time off. At least he should take more time off someplace he cannot be reached. I says he's working on a plan to get the economy on track and people back to work. September, I think he said. That will be nice because the whole world is looking pretty shaky and so far all he's done is give speeches.

  • WTWizard

    And how many trips to foreign countries halfway around the world has this pig had, on MY tax dollars? Every time he wastes huge amount of money on these trips, it adds more to the deficit--while he gets to enjoy having entourages. With the amount of money this pig drops in one vacation, I could easily move to anywhere in the world (maybe with the exception of Antarctica or the middle of the ocean, on the ocean floor). Then I could start my own business with the money he wastes having a good time.

    If I were to waste that kind of money on business lunches, pretty soon the business would go bust.

  • mrsjones5

    When are you gonna run for president WT?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I don't give a damn how much time any president takes on vacation. He is not elected to perform every federal job himself. THINK, CREATE, RUN AN EFFECTIVE TEAM, LEAD. Inspiration can come at Aspen as easily as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Hours punched don't count. Performance counts.

    I worked a very stressful job, a lark compared to being president. We had many weeks vacation each year. I dreamed of touring Europe, bicylcing around, acting as a native rather than tourist. To save my sanity, those weeks were broken up into 4 day weekends.

    Do you remember all those shocking photos of how presidents age? They were showing Obama's age progression on the news. A computer showed average aging. He is more than x years older now.

  • hellenback

    Personally I think he's had more breaks than Evel Knievel

  • behemot

    If you think Obama takes too many vacations, look at this:

    It's a pic taken on August 17 at the Italian Senate: only 11 present out of 315. Keep in mind that country is at the moment facing severe crisis needing serious political attention ...

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