Do You Think President Obama Takes Too Many Vacations?

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  • badseed

    As long as there are kids starving and elderly living below the poverty line, yes he is taking too many vacations. If he didn't want to live up to the job, he shouldn't have taken it. Get to work you little rich boy, there's problems you claimed you could solve. Get to it.

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    The President travels will all necessary tools to handle any crisis, remember The Football is with him at all times.

  • badseed

    ya but once in a while you have to break the huddle and make some kind of play.

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    Unfortunately that takes Congress and they really are on vacation....

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The empty photo shows one picture is worth a thousands words. At the risk of being redundant, I worked in a professional position for the U.S. Senate. Very little work occurs on the floor. It is very collegial. Staff does most of the actual work. The important thing is building coalitions to get the votes you need to pass your special interest legislation.

    I was on camera during controversial hearings, sitting behind my Senator. My duties were to help set up the room, greet the press, welcome witnesses, be prepared in case my Senator needed extra details. Before the press arrived, the committee members were joking and sharing gold scores and family news. Ssome Dems were clearly closer to Republicans than their own party. I thought the hearings were very staged. They already developed their position and any important development was top secret, known only to a small number of staff. The TV cameras started as the hearing opened. There was screaming, name calling, actual Bible thumping. One witness was so vicious to my Senator's personal integrity as a Christian as he sat with his big Bible. I was so triggered I was ready to leave before I started crying or screaming. The hearing ended. Instant rapport, total harmony.

    I saw business people privately. Some members were their party's best orators. I saw no passion. They were interested but not greatly moved.

    The most important deals are always behind closed doors. Our const'n was written in privacy. They knew if the American public ever knew all the trading of interests to patch together a document to be able to be ratified by thirteen states, the document would be doomed.

    Of course, they could all be at the beach. This is August. August is the dead month.

  • badseed

    LOL...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

  • sammielee24

    No - I don't think he does...ever hear of a working vacation? Lot's of us have.

    Now - I think Ryan is another story. sammies


    UPDATED: Unemployed Occupy Paul Ryan's Office, Demanding Meeting; Police on the Scene

    Cross-posted from; scroll down for UPDATE

    According to Rep. Paul Ryan's office the congressman is vacationing with his family, but that isn't stopping nearly a dozen protesters from sitting-in [at Ryan's Kenosha district office in Wisconsin] until they get an audience. Blogger HUG PAC is one of the concerned citizens asking to see Ryan's jobs plan and wrote today:

    Unemployed occupy Rep. Paul Ryan's office; demand an audience

    In an attempt to schedule a personal visit with the man who represents me to congress I sent him an email explaining how I wanted to talk with him about his job creation policies. I went on to explain how I wanted to share with him how his decisions are negatively affecting my ability to provide stability to my family. I use to make $42,000 a year, I can’t find a job offer over $10 an hour now…

    He emailed me back, an automated response of course, stating how busy he is during his August recess and how he will not have time to take my appointment, but I am welcome to join a conference call at the end of the month.

    Politico reports that some constituents seeking an audience with the District 1 Representative are being told to attend his $15-per-head meeting at the Rotary. That leaves some of the long term unemployed in Ryan's district with a choice between having a voice and eating a family dinner. Ryan has also offered to host telephone conference calls with constituents, but has not yet scheduled any traditional face-to-face town halls.

    The protests started before 11:30 a.m. this morning with nearly 100 attendees picketing in front of Ryan's office at 5455 Sheridan Road in Kenosha. During the protest half a dozen protesters entered the offices and are refusing to leave until they're granted an audience.

    Ryan has been a prominent figure in the news this week with national GOP bigwigs suggesting he could be spending his vacation pondering a run for the Presidency. Gov. Scott Walker put his support behind Ryan running for the Republican nomination on Greta Van Susteren's show yesterday, but said "right now it is still highly unlikely."


    UPDATE: Cross-posted from here at

    Constituents of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-District 1) continue to occupy his offices waiting for the Congressman to grant a meeting. Ryan is currently vacationing with his family, but the seven individuals sitting in his office say they have all tried to contact Ryan, multiple times, and have received the same generic email response. Traditionally when members of Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation break for the August recess they hold town hall meetings where they listen to concerns off constituents in their districts. Ryan, so far, has only scheduled one “public” appearance at the Whitenall Park Rotary September 6 banquet. Attendees will be required to pay a $15 fee to be one of the lucky 300 to meet with the Representative. I spoke with four of the Ryan Seven this afternoon and they all said they were planning to stay “as long as it takes.” (they're also posting video testimonials on the Wisconsin Jobs Now website)

    Scott Page has been let go from two jobs during the last two years. In the first case his position was outsourced to Mexico and in the second he was required to train an individual in China to be his replacement. Page said he’s hoping Ryan will “have a heart” and take time to listen to the unemployed in his backyard instead of only the business owners.

    He said paying $15 to attend the Rotary’s banquet for Ryan was unacceptable, “I don’t have $15 to ask Rep. Ryan questions, so I guess this is the only means I have to talk to him.”

    Page added that he’s shocked to hear the rumors that Ryan might run for President, “it’s killing me, this guy can’t even run his district and his district is in chaos and he’s acting like everything’s fine.”

    Jim De Fazio is an unemployed CNA and says that due to tax breaks for corporations on the top while putting more of the burden on the bottom he’s been struggling during the last decade. “The way I think, if you try to cut things from the bottom, jobs from the bottom, it’s just like cutting the first floor from a building. The building’s not going to stand up anymore.”

    De Fazio said the state doesn’t need more jobs that pay under $10 per hour created, because low wage jobs can’t sustain a long term job creation. He said the focus needs to be focusing on companies that are committed to staying here and creating jobs in the state.

    Genevive Klimala was laid off two years ago and tried to turn it into a positive opportunity going to school and improving her skill set for her field of choice. Unfortunately, now with student loans, she’s been able to find work in the current economy. She’s been able to get by with the help of her husband, a school teacher, but possible cuts locally due to the recently passed budget could directly impact their household. She said, “He’s the second lowest person on the totem pole, there’s one person under him and if cuts are made again he and this other person are going to be the first to go.”

    Shannon Molina, who writes at, was laid off in 2009 from her “full-time with benefits, 10-year job” due to downsizing. She briefly held a job part-time at the start of this year and was let go last week.

    She said if Ryan was in his office she would have asked “how the policies he’s introducing, how he expects them to create jobs?”

    Molina said history shows that the tax breaks he’s talking about, including the ones introduced under President George W. Bush, “show over and over again that tax breaks do not create jobs, in fact, they hand hold these corporations and eventually these corporations take their tax breaks, their money, and they run. They say ‘we can’t afford to hire anybody because we don’t have the demand necessary for the supply.’”

    By Jesse Russell | Sourced from dane101
    Posted at August 18, 2011, 1:15 pm
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    Congressman Paul Ryan, MIA of course!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Does anyone feel that we can't truly know much about any candidate b/c it is impossible for us to know everything about every candidate? Even with a truly neutral press, their presence distorts the process. How many of us have personally read position papers, attended coffee greet the candidates nights? Long time New York Times, Washington Post, network and cable news top reporter stars can't know the very large picture. How can we?

    It may be possible with a small town candidate. Campaigns seem to me to be about who had the money to hire the best advertising agency.

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