Angels are taking the lead in the preaching work

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  • sir82

    OOh....say, can you do it while wearing a nurse's uniform?

  • cptkirk

    oh my goodness oh my goodness!!!! you mean in a world filled with divorce, hate, poverty, crime, illness, death, family atrocities, school mean every blue moon the witnesses knock on a door and some poor bastard is looking for a bible study??? what are the odds of this? must be astronomical...actually the fact that it doesn't happen more is probably a testament to just how bad the jw reputation actually is.

  • factfinder

    I once met a woman while going door to door who was so happy I knocked on her door. She was just praying God would send her help and then I was there! She had left the catholic church and wanted the truth about God and the Bible. She came to the Memorial! she sang! She came again to the kh! She sang! She thanked me telling me I was sent by God!

    She believed God had sent me! result: God directed her back to the catholic church!!!!!!!!!!!

    The angels were directing my fs! This is proof!

  • howdidtihappen

    This is such a stupid example. Because JW's ARE out knocking on doors, OBVIOUSLY they're the only ones that are going to come to the door. That's not divine intervention, it's JW's are the only religion physically out there spreading "the word". So unfortunately if someone is praying and the JWs are only out doing the work they're obligated to do, the praying person is going to get one on their doorstep. Makes me wish every religion was out there preaching door to door then they wouldn't know what "true religion" the angels sent to the poor bastards house. LOL.

    Billions of angels (according to one of my study sessions) yet only 7 million JW's? They aren't too active are they!

  • the-illuminator81

    Sounds a lot like that girl in ethiopia who had no education but was still offered a job with a salary of 3000 euro's a month, but ended up pioneering instead.

    If the odds are one in a million, it will still happen 7 times to JWs..

  • andys

    This sounds like the very same story I have heard when i used to go to the fundlemental baptist chuch for a short time, the pastor would talk about how he come to a door and a lady would have her bible open trying to figure out how to go to heaven................................

  • cantleave

    I know Angels direct the work, consider this.

    I was feeling depressed and frustrated, wondering what I was doing with my life. I went on the internet typed in a rather random search term in google and guess what? It led me here, to freedom from a repressive cult.

    Praise be to the Angel Google.

  • jwfacts

    I think it is sad the total ignorance these types of talks display. Here are some of the reasons that anyone that took the slightest effort to think through such an experience would realise.

    1. Every Christian religion gives the same experiences of meeting and converting people after a prayer. I have personally heard countless of these sorts of experiences from other religions
    2. If angels are really directing then they are doing a shockingly bad job, since JW growth is so small, and billions of people have never heard of JWs, including those that are praying and searching for truth.
    3. With a billion hours of preaching a year, (3 million hours a day) it is highly likely that there coincidences should be occuring on a daily basis.
  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    And if the mormons, Christadelphians or some other group got there first she would have studied with them instead...

    angels? nah... its just a case of first in first served


  • MrMonroe

    As part of my job I cold call on homes in different parts of my state. Recently I knocked on the door of a woman I had met exactly one year earlier in a suburb 150km away. We had a laugh about it and I told her I'd probably knock on her door again in another year in a different town.

    It was a coincidence. If it was a JW knocking on the door it would have been angelic direction. Describing it as such is superstitious nonsense.

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