Angels are taking the lead in the preaching work

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  • designs

    Angels like getting up early on Saturday mornings

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    That quote is from a recent KM or WT, maybe the OP can reference the exact edition.

    This is being dealt with in tonight's Book Study. "Bearing thorough witness about God's kingdom" p58,9 pars 16,17.

    I'm sure someone here can scan the picture on p59, a woman is sitting on the sofa praying and hey presto there is a couple of JW's at the door ringing the bell!


  • punkofnice

    Well, you did want an honest response and don't take this the wrong way..............................but........................I've heard a lot of these 'miracle' stories.

    Having familiarised myself with watchtower propaganda techniques, I now ask 'where's the proof' for such amazing 'experiences'? Names, dates, locations..??..or is this more propaganda invented like what appears to be 'evidently' the ficticious questions from ficticious readers scam. Not to mention how the 'experiences' from platforms are manipulated out of all proportion.

    Coincidence if it is based on fact? How many Catholics or other denominations have similar 'They were praying then such and such happened'? I've heard this 'mystical manipulation' technique used all over the place. The JW's don't have the monopoly on it.

    As for Acts 8:35. Good news about Jesus? Well, I've heard of stretching it but, c'mon! They are really referring to bent unscriptural indoctrination from what tiny verse in the Bible the watchtower takes out of context to promote their own doctrine.

    ......................................AND................if the angels are that great, send them instead, let the JW's enjoy time at home!

    I'm off to throw up now...............eeeeUUUUUUURRrrrrgggggggggggg!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Talesin, what makes an "urban myth" "urban" ?? Is there such a thing as "rural myth?"

  • TimothyT

    I agree with AuzzieOz.

    My sister is a mormon and one of the missionaries who spoke to her told her smiliar stories.

    Does that mean that their preaching work is directed by the angels too?

    Perhaps I am missing something here!

  • scotoma

    ?Salesmen talk about these experiences over martinis every night. In statistics its called the law of
    large numbers. Play a little reverse Yahtze.

    When we used to get bored with playing yahtze we would try to see who could throw the dice the
    most times WITHOUT getting yahtze. Suddenly it dawns on you that NOTHING is impossible,
    in fact everything is inevitable.

    This is really stupid think.

    Someone just posted that a hundred people a day are requesting a home bible study after reading
    the They shouldn't be bragging about that in view of how long it took them to
    make their website useful. Remember the website announcement with a 4 point font at the very
    bottom of the back cover of the Watchtower and Awake? If angels were really directing the
    work they would have remained at the growing edge of technology like ; photo drama of
    creation, phonograph setups, nationwide radio broadcasts.

    Think of what they could accomplish if the average publisher worked 10 hours extra per month
    at their secular job and gave it to support a Watchtower broadcast satellite network. They could
    be reaching those troubled souls 24/7 just like Pat Robertson’s 700 Club. Pioneers could be on
    call ready to speed to the door of someone who is about ready to commit suicide. Instead they
    approach information as something that must be controlled.

  • WTWizard

    If the angels are leading the preaching work, then why do they insist that people waste their time knocking on doors where no one is home?

  • punkofnice

    @WTWizard - and why do they lead dubs to houses where they get abuse?

    Why do the angels bother leading dubs on a wild goose chase around town and not get to more angelic work exposing the paedos and corruption in the congregation instead?

    Why are the Kingdum Hells not full of victims eager for 'mind cleansing' sessions and A$$€m?£i€$.

  • i_drank_the_wine

    This story is so encouraging! My faith has been strengthened!

    Really though, that is some pure drivel. Just a variation of every single stupid JW miracle that's ever been repeated.

  • Jim_TX

    I just want to know when they're going to have the 'rocks cry out'?

    I mentioned one time to my JW ex-wife how China had so few JWs to the large population there, and how was everyone in China going to 'hear the good news' before their 'end'?

    She replied that Jeehober could make the rocks cry out - iffn he wanted to.

    So, don't wake me - until that happens. I think that would be cool.


    Jim TX

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