Obamageddon has arrived! Investors are heading for the bunker today.

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  • bohm

    my god yellowstone is about to erupt and cover the earth with gay feminazi man-girl-woman-bear-pig-raptors!


  • bohm

    sorry if that was off-topic. in all seriousness, i for one look forward to eating you all, roasted or not, depending on whether the zombies overrun my fortress.


  • NewChapter

    Beks will never abandon the True Religion TM ! Damn those apostates and their filthy lies! Obahovah turn them into bird food in the Barackalypse!

    It is unfair and ignorant to make statements like this. Idiotic. Just because she disagrees with you at every turn there is no need to accuse her of being some kind of cultist--especially on this forum. I could turn it on you and say since you don't see things my way, you are brainwashed. It's a low thing to do, but not any less than I've come to expect from you. Afterall, when everyone doesn't see things your way, you stomp your feet and start calling names.

    You are part of the problem.


  • DaCheech

    obama HAS made his own cult!

    he handled this financial disaster like a lawyer, he never ever told both sides what to do (exactly), he always generalized and told the little boys to work it out (this way during election time he could not be quoted with particular stances).

    he's trying to be friends with everyone, and forgetting that he has to lead

  • NewChapter

    Cult is a ridiculous word to use here. But you're just stirring up really bad feelings, so carry on.

  • garyneal

    A few ideas:

    Root out and eliminate waste whereever you can.

    A few people in my family are on SS disability when they can find some kind of job. Solution, take them off disability.

    People collecting assistance when they do not need it. Solution, cut the assistance.

    Now these people need jobs. Solution, give them the jobs 'people don't want to do.'

    But what of those illegal aliens doing those jobs? Solution, round them up and deport them then offer their employers the people who are not on disability of other assistance as replacement workers. Impose STIFF penalties for hiring illegal aliens.

    Cut oil and farm subsidies, cut corporate welfare, bring our troops home. Anything else?

  • Berengaria

    Fix our trade policies to benefit American workers not multinational corporations. Raise taxes. Fix the roads bridges levees etc that are falling apart all over the country. Make education a priority from pre school to university. Universal health care. Alternative energy r and d. Focus on quality of life issues here in America (youth centers, green belts, local sports/arts, volunteer opportunities, urban beautification etc etc). Legalize pot and get serious about crack and meth.................................

  • NewChapter

    So people that are on disability should be kicked off and then given jobs no one else wants to do? interesting. Maybe they can crawl through sewers sucking up crap. That'll teach 'em for getting sick.

  • shamus100

    ** monkey runs in, swings on the chandelier and runs back out **

  • designs

    Short sellers and Hedge Funds should have made a good profit in the past few days, they wait months for these types of conditions, like shorting the markets after 9/11 or the Japanese disaster. Buffett has 48 Billion parked in Treasury funds, the shopping cart will come out next week.

    When Congress comes back in session in September expect more volitility, lots more. Some companies like Defense contractors will lose big but Cloud computing companies may profit big from the government outsourcing.

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