London Riots

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  • Curtains


    I apologise for any offence I caused you as this was not intended to the extent that it appeared to be and I can see why you are questioning what I said. Let me explain - whilst looking at your avatar and trying to be as light hearted as possible in this horrible situation we have going on here, I said what I did. I took the word "stupidity" directly from your avatar and tried to make an obscure joke, to match your own joke.

    The reality here with the police and the gangs of young teens causing havoc is awful and I ought to have told you so directly.

  • wobble

    The good people of the communities are pulling together to protect eachother and to clean up their area. They deserve high praise.

    I wonder if any JW's will be moved to help ? I hope so, they may find out how rewarding giving something of value to your community, if only your time, really is.

    It was quieter last night, mind you it pissed hard with rain in a lot of the problem spots, probably a lot of hoodies are not water-proof !

    When this has all died down, and the debates about causes and solutions have ceased, will the U.K be as it was before ?

    I don't think so, we will always be aware how fragile is the hand of Authority, of how many are prepared to commit crime,( some of the criminal acts being commited by Authority figures, it isn't just an underclass that are guilty,) and of how our un-equal society breeds envy and discontent, which is no surprise.

    We need to work for a much more fair and egalitarian society, with opportunity for all.

    People need hope.

  • punkofnice

    Darned rioters! Not only have they smashed up their own doorstep and caused death and damage but they've given the Dubs another reason to wail on about ARMAGEDDON being so close!

    I'm in the UK in a bigger city.....we had no bother here. The UK should have learned something from the '80's riots. Processes should have been put in place to extinguish this type of situation quicker.

    Ah, well. The top politicians don't live in the inner cities!

    "Politics: Poli a Latin word meaning many; and tics meaning bloodsucking creatures." –

    Robin Williams

  • Podobear

    Sadly, here in the UK... the general police profile has been sullied in recent years. Currently, not one, but 2 Police Commissioners have resigned in London. Policing by the London Metropolitan Police is overseen by a stand in.. until a permanent replacement is found.

    This is not a reflection on EVERY police officer, nowadays, but increasingly I hear the mantra... "It takes scum to catch scum."

    In order to understand the criminal mind... you need one yourself!

    The British Police have sunk to the level and below the level of Mafia run regimes and third world juntas.

    Vigilantes are now coming forward to police their own communities. The normal phlegm of the average Brit. is being replaced by a spirit of self protection. This time the powder keg just might ignite.

    Apocalypitic? Symptomatic of regime change, maybe... both politicly and economically.

    I start Chinese and Punjabi lessons next week... just in case I need to move to the "Free" world (pokes stick and stirs the scorpion's nest)

  • bigmac

    a gang of young rioters have broken into their local ARGOS store

    one of them has now got 500 ARGOS catalogues--if anyone wants one.

  • LongHairGal

    This is what will happen in the ultimate welfare state. So, tragic and I am sure it is not over. It is a good thing Simon and his family moved out a few years ago and I hope they are well settled in Canada. Britain has a very large number of emigrants because of what has happened to their country.

    They have seen the handwriting on the wall and decided to get the hell out for the sake of their children!!!

  • shamus100

    What, and Canada doesn't? We are completely FULL of immigrants and refugees. It takes time for them to get used to a first-world country. I don't think they are the problem. ;(

  • Mary
    What, and Canada doesn't? We are completely FULL of immigrants and refugees

    We've also had a shitload of monkeys immigrate recently......I think they're all Shamus' relatives............l'il bastards!!

  • ziddina
    "...In order to understand the criminal mind... you need one yourself!..."


    Not to drag this thread too far off-topic, but one could apply that comment to many an elder on a judiciary committee...

    "In order to understand the sinful mind... You need one, yourself!!"

    Zid the She-Devil - tho to admit, I feel an amateur compared to the rioters in the U.K. ...

  • bohm

    Curtains: I am sorry i misunderstood you. I didnt understand why you would write such a thing!. It seem the joke is on me :-(.

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