The JW's are the NEAREST thing to the Truth....EVER!

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  • dm6

    what leavingwt said.

  • punkofnice

    Talesin - Yeah. I tried being open and honest but she retreats into her little corner and won't come out. Our relationship has been ice cold for too long despite my best efforts. Despite my kindness and understanding (as best I can), toward her.

    To be honest I'm too worn out with it all.

    I'm probably too old to start again and who'd have me! Ugly and over 50, that's me!

    I'm pretty much finished with her now. She's been odd even before I left the 'truth'. Her gossiping to the other elders about me not being 'spiritual' despite all I did pretty much helped wake me up to the truth about the 'truth'.

    She has held me in little regard for a long time. I don't pretend to be perfect. I don't pretend to be the best bloke ever but I've done my best.

    Her take on me is that she can't talk to me because I'm good with words. Does that mean I talk sense and she doesn't like it?

    I'd get a place of my own but right now cash is the problem...but I'm working on it.

    Sorry...........I've totally diverted my own thread.

  • talesin

    ah, I see, so sorry, bud. I understand, no one wants a 50+ old womin either hehehe,,,

    you'll make it. (hug)

    u can always msg me on f/b -- I'm the blue-eyed cat


    * OY! time for sleep, birdies are chirping, and dawn is creepin in, take care *

  • punkofnice

    @tal - Cheers me dear!

    @DM6 - Yup!

  • the-illuminator81

    It's that the same as being a little bit pregnant?

    If you are offered a tray of rotten apples, would you pick the least rotten one, or would you refuse to take an apple?

  • punkofnice

    Illuminator - Nice illo's.

    It's like being almost a virgin.

  • Heaven

    How would you come back on this 'nearest thing' propaganda?

    Sounds like they're slipping. Back in my day they were 'the truth'. Now they are 'the nearest thing'? Hmmm....

    This was one of the things that didn't sit right with me when I saw them flip-flop, go beyond scripture, and do things contrary to the message of love and forgiveness. They are no where near the truth.

  • punkofnice

    Heaven - (I've got that '80's song going around in my head now 'feels like heaven' a-didlly-dong)

    Tis a pathetic step down. Somehow they think it still glorifies the holy GB above all others that are not quite so near!

  • cantleave

    Jesus said the Truth shall make you free, not an approximation of the Turth!

  • sizemik

    Ha Ha . . . had an old JW friend say that to me not long ago!

    I replied . . . when it comes to truth, a "near" is as good as a mile . . . it just slipped out LOL

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