The JW's are the NEAREST thing to the Truth....EVER!

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  • exwhyzee

    Since they are the nearest thing to the TRUTH, does that mean that anyone who disagrees with them is "Almost Apostate " or " Sort of Disfellowshipped ?"

  • tec

    How do you know you're nearest to the truth, if you don't know or have the truth? Wouldn't you have to have or be the truth to know whether you or someone else is close to it or not?

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle


    I would ask them a simple question:

    Tell me - what prediction has the WT actually got right? When they go out on a limb and make a bold prediction that can actually be proven right or wrong with the passing of time - they are wrong nine times out of ten. I would also mention that there are few religions on earth that have a worse track record for being "truthful" when it comes to predictions at least.

    Then you might add something like... "how do you like them apples?" Always a fun way to conclude an exchange when you have made an undeniable point. :)


    The Oracle

  • still thinking
    still thinking


    I'm pretty much finished with her now. She's been odd even before I left the 'truth'. Her gossiping to the other elders about me not being 'spiritual' despite all I did pretty much helped wake me up to the truth about the 'truth'.
    She has held me in little regard for a long time. I don't pretend to be perfect. I don't pretend to be the best bloke ever but I've done my best.
    Her take on me is that she can't talk to me because I'm good with words. Does that mean I talk sense and she doesn't like it?

    I feel for you punk...and I hear your's pretty hard trying to have a relationship with someone when you have SO MANY PEOPLE involved IN IT. I don't believe many relationships can stand up to so much interference from people outside of it. You, and many others here on JWN are doing so well to keep them going...what a battle!

    The common thread seems to be having to play second fiddle to the watchtower...thats NOT what a relationship is...a relationship is between TWO people.

    I'm sure her 'gossiping' is out of a misplaced concern for you...but she doesn't seem to realise just how damaging it is for your relationship. She believes that she is trying to help it.

    Her comment about not being able to talk to you...well, I read that as she feels like she can't win an argument because you always have an answer...that probably comes across as 'you think you are always right'...but of course..she doesn't realise thats exactly how she wants to be with her beliefs. Not condusive to any sort of discussion really.

    Somethings gotta give by the sound of it...if you want your relationship to survive...doesn't look like she is going to change any time soon, so you will have to...I can't stress enough the benefit of opening up the conversation on her terms. You are at war, not with her, but with the WTS. Call a truce, be open to listening to her, even if it dosen't sit well with you. That way you can begin to communicate.

    ps...sorry if I took this back again to what you said earlier and derailed the thread again...but I have a sneeking suspicion thats what the topic was really about.

    And I know...armchair therapist...couldn't help myself...sorry.

    Sizemik & Prodigal...I'm really enjoying where you guys are taking this thread too by the way. Very interesting.

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